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Marxist Political Economy Training Workshop 3

Aula B (Ground Floor)
International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
The Hague, Netherlands

8 July 2013

09:00-09:30    Registration
09:30-09:40    Introduction (Simon Mohun)
09:45-11:15    Session 1: Value and money (Simon Mohun)

  • Labour theory of value and money
  • Circuit of capital and value conservation in circulation
  • Productive and unproductive labour
  • Banks, interest and finance

11:15-11:30    Coffee/tea

11:30-13:00    Session 2: Approaches to financialisation (Samantha Ashman)

  • Circuit of capital and different forms of capital
  • Roots of recent growth of finance
  • Neoliberalism and finance
  • Implications for accumulation and crisis
  • Different Marxist approaches to financialisation
  • Periodising capitalist development and financialised accumulation: state/society/reproduction

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-15:30    Session 3: Financial derivatives (Duncan Lindo)

  • Empirical observations about the extent of derivatives markets and the centrality of banks
  • Marxist methodology: how to build an explanation in thought to match what we observe
  • Money and credit; emergence of commercial banks from the circuit of capital (via discounters)
  • Banks as securities dealers
  • Banks as derivatives dealers
  • Developments in EU bank legislation

15:30-15:45    Coffee/Tea

15:45-17:00    Session 4: Roundtable discussion: clarifications and issues arising

  • Simon Mohun
  • Samantha Ashman
  • Duncan Lindo
  • Everyone else