12th Annual Conference in Political Economy

Socio-Ecological Crisis and the Political Economy of Sustainability

September 7 – 9 2022, Bologna, Italy

Conference registration now open

Thank you for those who have submitted proposals. The registration to the IIPPE 2022 Conference is now open. The deadline for registering is 24 June 2022.

Register to the IIPPE 2022 Conference

You can follow the link above and the instructions therein.

For your information, please see 1. Instructions for registering and 2. Information and tips for travelling to/from and accommodation in Bologna.

See below for further information about the 2022 IIPPE conference. If you have any questions concerning the IIPPE conference, please contact Ourania Dimakou or Satoshi Miyamura at: conference@iippe.org

We are looking forward to an outstanding in-person conference in Bologna!

The IIPPE Conference and Local Committee:

Satoshi Miyamura, Ourania Dimakou, Al Campbell, Alfredo Saad Filho, and Marco R. Di Tommaso

The Conference Local Partner:

The Conference is organised in collaboration with CiMET (Italy’s National University Centre for Applied Economic Studies) and under the auspices of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

Participation in the IIPPE Pre-Conference Training Workshop 6 Sept 2022

As usual, the 2022 conference will be preceded by a one-day IIPPE Training Workshop, titled “Workshop on Marxist Political Economy”, which will be on 6 September 2022, from 9:00 to 15:30 Central European Summer Time. Everyone is more than welcome to join!

For organisational purposes, it would be great if you could express your intent to participate by clicking on the button below:

Participation in the IIPPE Pre-Conference Training Workshop 6 Sept 2022

The pre-conference training workshop is a chance to go into some theoretical issues about Marxist Political Economy in more depth, and in a format with more discussion, than is possible during the presentation of papers at the conference. There will be two 3-hour sessions. The first will be an overview of the coherent nature of Marx and Engels’ approach to understanding the social economic activity carried out under capitalism. The second workshop will build off of that, using the approach of Marx and Engels to look at a specific case, the current ongoing economic reforms in Cuba and discuss if they are consistent with their goal of transcending capitalism and building socialism.

The workshops will be in the Distretto Navile building (the same building the main conference will take place the following days). Here is the schedule and workshop coordinators:

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

9:30 – 12:30. Session I. Introduction to Marxist Political Economy. Alfredo Saad Filho

14:00 – 17:00. Session II. Cuba’s Reformed Process of Building Socialism from a Marxist Political Economy Perspective. Al Campbell

For any further details and/or questions, please contact Al Campbell (al@economics.utah.edu).

Call for Papers and Activist Proposals

IIPPE calls for submissions to its 2022 annual conference. We particularly welcome papers directly related to the core themes of the socio-ecological crisis of contemporary capitalism, and the political economy of sustainability. As always, presentations on all aspects of political economy are also welcome. New participants committed to political economy, interdisciplinarity, history of economic thought, pluralism in economic and social thinking, and/or their application to policy analysis and activism are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract.

Submissions may be made as: (a) proposals for individual papers (which IIPPE will group into panels), (b) proposals for panels or streams of panels, (c) proposals on activism. As usual, there will be a pre-conference IIPPE training workshop on 6 September 2022.

The deadline for proposals’ submission was 7th of May 2022.

To submit a proposal, please carefully follow the instructions below.

For general information about IIPPE, the working groups and the Conference, please refer to the IIPPE website.

Submission Instructions

1) General Information:

All proposals must be submitted through Whova (our conference platform), and either to a specific Working Group or to the Committee on Activism. If your proposal does not fit into any of these groups, select the “Programme Committee” option. You can find more information on our working groups at: http://iippe.org/working-groups/. The working groups make the primary decisions on Panel structures and content.

You can submit ONE of the following type of proposals:

(a) proposal for an individual paper,

(b) proposal for a panel or a stream of related panels,

(c) activist proposal, documentary films, art projects, etc.

An individual can only offer one submission whether book discussion, roundtable or a co-presentation. Please do not submit two proposals from one person. It is, however, allowed to submit an activist proposal in addition to any of the other forms of proposals.

As usual, there is a pre-conference training workshop on the day before, 6 September 2022. Everyone is welcome to attend.

2) How to submit your proposal:

a. Proposal for an individual paper:

Submission of proposals has not closed.

b. Proposal for a Panel or Stream of related Panels:

After submitting your individual proposal, please send an email to the Coordinator of the Working Group where your proposed panel or stream fits best. You can find the names and emails here: http://iippe.org/working-groups/. For the Committee on Activism, contact Matthias Kispert (info@matthiaskispert.com), and for the Programme Committee contact Ourania Dimakou (conference@iippe.org). Include in your email all relevant information for the proposed panel or stream of panels (panel title(s), the titles of all papers in each panel, name of the presenter of each paper being proposed).

Recall that after your email proposal for a panel or stream has been sent to the Working Group Coordinator, you must ensure that each person who is listed to present a paper in the proposed panel (or stream of panels) has made an individual submission as in point 2) a. It is very important that you follow up with each presenter within a week to make sure they have made their individual submissions. Otherwise, the panel or stream of panels will not be considered.

c. Activist Proposal, documentary films, art projects, etc.

After registering, in the submission link, select the category “Committee on Activism” and fill in the rest of this form. Make it clear in the field “Short abstract of your paper/proposal” what exactly you are submitting, e.g. a proposal for film screening, visual art project, round table discussion, and/or panel, etc. Whenever possible, add a link to your website or project. For more information contact Matthias Kispert (info@matthiaskispert.com).

3) Co-authored Papers

In case several co-authors will jointly present a single paper, they will share a single time slot. Each co-presenter must submit the same proposal title and abstract individually to the whova platform. Again, do not put two people’s names into the same name field. The conference programme will list only presenters, not co-authors who do not present.

4) Confirmation of Submission

After completing your submission, you will receive a confirmation email with regards to the successful submission of your proposal. If you do not receive an automatic email within a day, please email conference@iippe.org

5) Review Process

All proposals will be reviewed by the Working Group Coordinator(s) it was submitted to. About one month after the final proposal submission deadline you will receive notification if your proposal has been accepted or not. If it is accepted, you will receive an email with more information about the conference and the registration procedure.

6) Membership Fees, Conference Fees, and Registration:

All presenters must be members of IIPPE.  Annual membership fees are:

  • students, unwaged and retired €15.
  • All others, €30.

Membership fee and conference fees must be paid together at the point when registering for the conference.

Conference fees:

  • For students, unwaged and retired: Conference fee €65; membership fee €15. Total €80.
  • For all other presenters, except Activists: Conference fee €180; membership fee €30. Total €210.

Activists and auditors are exempted from the Conference fees but must pay the membership fee of €30. They can also join the lunches and the conference dinner with an additional €50.

Please note that IIPPE does not have any funds that can subsidise participants, and the fees cannot be waived.

7) Refund policy

As IIPPE absorbs the registration and processing fees, we are unable to give full refund. In addition, withdrawal leads to additional workload and cost for the Conference Committee. Taking these costs into account, we offer to refund the follow proportions of the fees according to the notification date:

Notification of withdrawal before July 31 2022: 70% of fees to be refunded; 

Until August 10 2022: 40% of the fees to be refunded; 

After August 10 2022: no refund. 

If you wish to withdraw from IIPPE 2022 and to request refund of registration fees, please email conference@iippe.org

8) Key dates and deadlines

The proposal submission platform (https://whova.com/portal/registration/iippe_202209/) will open on 3 April 2022 and close on 7 May 2022.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 7 May 2022

Successful submissions will be confirmed by 21 May 2022

The deadline for registration for the Conference is 24 June 2022

The preliminary programme will be available to view on the Whova conference platform from about 1 August 2022.

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