[CFP] Conference 2023 – Financialisation Working Group

13th Annual Conference in Political Economy
“The Chronicles of Multiple Crises Foretold”
6-8 September 2023 / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

Call for papers: Financialisation Working Group
Coordinators: Bruno Bonizzi, Philip Mader

We welcome proposals for individual research papers, panels and other presentations that relate to the interests of the Financialisation Working Group at IIPPE’s 2023 Annual Conference.

Research on financialisation has significantly grown in size and scope in the last fifteen years. The emergence of financial markets and logics has been tracked and assessed across different scales, spaces, and institutions. From broad macro trends such as the rise of large asset managers and de-risking financial investors’ portfolios, to the financialisation of welfare and remittances, to the assetisation of public goods and the financialisation of daily lives, there is no shortage of evidence of the pervasiveness of finance in modern economies and societies. 

At the same time, these processes are now confronted with a profoundly mutated global environment. The resurgence of inflation and interest rates, the return of explicit state-backed protectionist strategies, military conflicts backed by authoritarian politics and the ever more impactful effects of climate change have significantly disrupted the global economy. How will the varied processes of financialisation change in response to what some call “the polycrisis”? Financialisation research must be able to answer this question to show the demonstrate the usefulness of the concept in years to come.

The Financialisation Working Group welcomes contributions to these issues, especially as they relate to the broader themes of the conference. We are looking for empirical and theoretical contributions and we are especially keen on receiving proposals for organised panels.The deadline for submissions is the 15th of March. Electronic submissions will open on 15 February, and details will be confirmed shortly. When submitting please indicate you are submitting to the financialisation working group stream. For any questions please contact Bruno Bonizzi at b.bonizzi@herts.ac.uk .

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