[CFP] Conference 2023 – World Economy Working Group

2023 IIPPE Annual Conference in Political Economy
The Chronicles of Multiple Crises Foretold
6-8 September 2023, Madrid, Spain
Call for papers, IIPPE World Economy Working Group

The world is going through a multidimensional crisis – economic, social, ecological, epidemiological and geopolitical – that is felt the most by the billions of people worldwide living on the breadline. Rather than arising from “contingent factors”, this multidimensional crisis results from the very way capitalism normally operates through cyclical and structural crises. While its current form is linked to the specific social, political and cultural effects of the unfolding of neoliberalism and imperialism since the end of the 1970s, it also manifests the secular consequences of the overexploitation of nature and labour-power. We have reached a critical point. Recessive and inflationary trends are generalized and worsened by the tightening of monetary policies. Financial instability continues as the causes of the Global Financial Crisis haven’t disappeared, while rising debt servicing has been put before the urgent needs of the world’s poor. Inter-imperialist confrontations are extending, from Ukraine to the Pacific, with increasingly disruptive economic, social, political, and military consequences worldwide. Social and political unrest is spreading as contemporary capitalism has not only proved incapable to meet the basic needs of the people but is also deepening all forms of exploitation and oppression, including ecocide and hunger.

Understanding this complex world conjuncture is key to organizing at all levels and building coalitions against capital and its oppressive structures. 

The IIPPE World Economy Working Group calls for contributions on the causes, consequences and responses to this multidimensional crisis to draw lessons for building new possible futures.

Themes include:

  • Imperialism and its latest forms
  • Globalization in question
  • Imperialism, climate change and eco-socialist futures
  • Moving beyond the blind spots of International Political Economy
  • Capitalism and impoverishment today
  • New forms of exploitation and labour organizing
  • The intensification of international conflicts: NATO, US, EU, Russia, China, India, etc.
  • The continuing rise of the far-right and new forms of fascism 
  • Racism, abolitionism and internationalism today
  • Gender oppressions – local and international challenges
  • New forms of geo-economic and geo-political conflicts
  • Regional manifestations of capitalism’ multidimensional crisis: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North America, and Latin America
  • Peasant and urban struggles and post-pandemic futures
  • Anti-capitalism in an age of revolution and counterrevolution
  • Labour, social, ecological, feminist, antiwar, and anti-systemic movements

We welcome panel proposals and single paper proposals. If you are proposing a panel, all papers need to be submitted individually via the link below and sent also by email to the working group coordinators with the titles of all papers. If you have any questions, please contact the working group coordinators.

The deadline for abstracts and proposals is 31 March 2023.

To submit a proposal, please go to this link, and carefully follow the instructions. Please indicate you want your paper/panel to be part of the World Economy Working Group.


Abelardo Mariña Flores abmf60@me.com
Lucia Pradella lucia.pradella@kcl.ac.uk
Rubens Sawaya rrsawaya@gmail.com

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