2010 IIPPE Annual Conference

Call for Papers


The global economic crisis has now entered what is arguably its third phase. Following the acute financial crisis of September 2008 and the ensuing economic depression, we are now experiencing the debt crisis stage where whole nations face the threat of bankruptcy (with Greece currently at the forefront following the troubles of Iceland, Ireland and Dubai among other countries) and the EU project facing its toughest challenge yet. At the same time, neo-liberalism is losing (or has already lost) much of its confidence, with Keynes, Minsky and Marx gaining currency, and Richard Posner, leading Chicago proponent of the economics of law, telling the world “how he became a Keynesian”. So where is the global economy going following the crisis, and what are the reactions to the crisis both intellectual and in material developments? And, chiefly, what are the alternatives opening up before us?

These are the main questions that the First International Conference in Political Economy co-organised by the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (www.iippe.org) and the Greek Scientific Association of Political Economy will address, following the three previous highly successful IIPPE annual international workshops in Crete, Naples and Ankara. It is to be held at the University of Crete in Rethymno, Crete, Greece, 10 – 12 September 2010. The Conference will be open for interventions across all areas of political economy even though the crisis and its aftermath are its focus. The indications so far point to a successful, fruitful and oversubscribed event. Tony Lawson, Gerald Epstein and Jayati Ghosh have already accepted our invitations to serve as keynote participants. Participation of IIPPE Working Groups will be prominent.

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