8th Annual Conference in Political Economy

September 13-15, 2017, Berlin School of Economics and Law

IIPPE, CPERN and IPE call for general submissions for the Conference but particularly welcome those on its core themes of inequalities and instabilities, which will be the focus for the plenary sessions. (the deadline for registration is now past)

Plenary sessions

  1. Inequalities. Susan Himmelweit, James Galbraith
  2. Capitalism Since the Great Recession. Mario Candeias-Bechstein, Laura Horn
  3. The Class Struggle in Europe: Reports from the Front. Mariana Mortagua, Dierk Hirschel

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IIPPE Elections 2017

Dear IIPPE member,

This is election year for IIPPE. We had our last elections in 2014 and, according to our constitution, the elections for IIPPE officers (Executive Committee-EC and Council) are held every three years (see IIPPE Constitution for more details). The elections will take place electronically, as happened last time. All Executive Committee and Council positions are open to full IIPPE members. Please consider standing for either an EC position (Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and General Secretary) or a Council position.

Send your nomination

The due date is 27 September 2017. Please send your nomination to the IIPPE Officers Elections Committee (elections2017@iippe.org), specifying:
  1. the position for which you wish to run
  2. a 1-page Election statement describing why you wish to run, what has been your relationship with IIPPE, to what IIPPE activities you have contributed so far and wish to contribute in the future, etc.
  3. your CV

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