Second IIPPE International Research Workshop

The Second International IIPPE research workshop was held in Italy in September 2008. This was organised by L’Orientale University of Naples and brought together more than 70 participants from over 10 countries. Over 40 papers were presented, including 30 by research students and other young colleagues. 12 parallel sessions were held, of which six were closely associated with longer standing IIPPE Working Groups (three for finance, two for neoliberalism, and one for commodity studies) and three were related to newly formed Working Groups (developmental state, heterodoxy, and labour). The other three sessions covered the state, Marx and macroeconomics, each of which has strong synergies with continuing IIPPE activity. The workshop brought together young heterodox and Marxist researchers including academics and activists from the UK, Greece, Italy and Turkey. The workshop highlighted both diversity and common interests among young researchers, demonstrated the enthusiasm and need for IIPPE among upcoming scholars across the social sciences. The workshop was not only hard work and fruitful discussions but also a chance to develop social relations and get to know each other better over the culinary and touristic highlights offered by the stunning island setting.

Workshop Programme

  • Date: 10 September 2008 Time: 10:30 AM
  • Finishes: 12 September 2008 Time: 5:30 PM
  • Venue: Procida – Naples
  • Type of Event: Workshop

Session 1A: Beyond the Developmental State

Session coordinator: Pietro Masina

Session 1B: Finance 1: Exploitation, Capital Markets and Marxist Theory

Session coordinator: Juan Pablo Painceira

Session 2A: State

Session coordinator: Cristina Ercolessi

  • Ankarloo, Daniel: The dualities of the Swedish welfare model
  • Barak, Reut: Game Theory and the role of the Chinese central government in managing transboundary water resources
  • Gutierrez, AndrieiMiddle class and State in Brazil in the nineties
  • Hahn, Niels: The Neocolonial State in the Age of Globalisation

Session 2B: Marx

Session coordinator: Paulo dos Santos

Session 3A: Labour

Session coordinator: Elisabetta Basile

Session 3B: Finance 2: Capital Flows, Monetary Regimes and Contemporary Imperialism

Session coordinator: Paulo dos Santos

Session 4A: Neo-liberalism 1: Strategies of Class Rule

Session coordinator: Alfredo Saad-Filho

  • Campbell, Al: Reformism and the Politics of the Left in the Age of Neo-Liberalism
  • Yalman, Galip: Discourse and Practice of Poverty Reduction Strategies: Reflections on the Recent Experience in Turkey
  • Adduci, Matilde: Neoliberalism and Class Reproduction in India: The Political Economy of Privatisation in the Mineral Sector in the Indian State of Orissa

Session 4B: Heterodoxy

Session coordinator: John Marangos

Session 5A: CSWG

Session coordinator: Susan Newman

  • Fine, Ben: Global Value Chains: It Ain’t Global, It Ain’t Value, and Set Me Free
  • Newman, Susan: The new price makers: an investigation of the extent to which speculative actors on commodities exchanges drive price behaviour
  • Pons-Vignon, Nicolas: Looking at Globalisation From Below: Outsourcing of Forestry Work in South Africa

Session 5B: Macroeconomics

Session coordinator: John Marangos

  • Bozani, Vaso: Monetary Factors, Capital Accumulation and Employment: a post- Keynesian- Kaleckian model
  • Dafermos, Yannis: Finance, Inflation and Employment in a Post Keynesian Model

Session 6A: Neo-liberalism 2: Neoliberal Economic Policies

Session coordinator: Alfredo Saad-Filho

  • Bova, Elva: Zambian mining and privatisation
  • Corsi, Claudia: Structural adjustment in the Middle East
  • Mocci, Nicola: Neoliberalization in Camdodia
  • Topal, Aylin: Emergence of Public-Private Partnership and Entrepreneurial Participation in Chihuahua

Session 6B: Finance: Contemporary Finance: Regional Experiences and Methodology

Session coordinator: Jan Toporowski

Friday, September 12th

  • 10.30 – 13.30 Seminar on Anti-capitalism and Politics
  • 13.30 – 14.30 Lunch
  • 14.30 – 17.30 Seminar on Anti-capitalism and Politics

Workshop Poster

Photos from the Conference