Annual General Meeting (Bologna, 2022)

Bologna 8 September 2022

Present: 50 IIPPE members

  1. Treasurer’s accounts have been unanimously voted for. Proposal to convey a note of thanks and appreciation to Christina Laskaridis who has stepped down as IIPPE Treasurer.
  2. Pedro Mendes Loureiro has been unanimously co-opted Council Member with the view of undertaking Christina Lascaridis’ place as Treasurer of IIPPE until the next IIPPE elections.
  3. The proposed constitutional changes by the Council as they appear in the 2022 IIPPE Council Report have been unanimously voted for.
  4. Proposal to consider starting running Summer Schools.
  5. Proposal to establish a network with educational, research and political dimensions.
  6. Proposal to present the Conference program not in excel files (as too cumbersome) but in word files.
  7. Proposal to consider the organisation of IIPPE conferences outside Europe (but problem the vast majority of participants coming from Europe) and the possibility of hybrid conferences.
  8. Proposal to consider running small conferences, workshops etc between IIPPE conferences and to try to organise workshops outside Europe.
  9. Proposal for co-ordination between activist working group and other working groups. Also proposal for collaboration between economists and film makers.
  10. Proposal to hold working group meetings during IIPPE conferences and for new working group working group collective collaborations.
  11. Question about how the IIPPE website is managed. Need for a point of contact.

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