[CFP] Conference 2023 – Neoliberalism Working Group


13th Annual Conference of the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE), 6-8 September 2023, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. 

The Chronicles of Multiple Crises Foretold

Call for Papers: Neoliberalism Working Group 

The IIPPE Neoliberalism Working Group brings together researchers interested in the material basis of neoliberalism, its national varieties, and alternatives to it. As the contemporary form of global capitalism, neoliberalism is based on the systematic use of state power to impose a hegemonic project of recomposition of the rule of capital in each area of economic and social life, under the ideological veil of ‘non-intervention’. This is guided by the current imperatives of the international reproduction of capital, with the financial markets and the interests of US capital to the fore. Politically, by insulating markets and transnational investors from popular demands, and through the imperative of labour control to secure international competitiveness, neoliberalism also severely curtails democratic possibilities. Neoliberalism has also created an income-concentrating dynamics of accumulation that has proven resistant to efforts at Keynesian and reformist interventions 

The neoliberal transition in the world economy has been closely associated with ‘globalisation’ and with it, new modalities of imperialism. Yet despite these global drivers, the neoliberal project has reconstituted economic and social relations differently in distinct countries – rather than being globally homogenising. This calls attention to the national and local specificities of actually existing forms of neoliberalism, and to the form(s) of the emerging crises in the system of accumulation. 

The Neoliberalism Working Group invites paper and panel proposals that fit in with the general theme of the IIPPE conference and the working group’s research agenda. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • What are the main tensions, contradictions and fragilities in neoliberalism, and how to they relate to the emerging crises in the system of accumulation? 
  • Can neoliberalism address the social crisis, the economic crisis, the political crisis, the climate crisis, and the other crises unfolding at this moment in time? 
  • How should we understand the degradation of the environment and climate change in the context of contemporary neoliberalism? 
  • Can neoliberalism be sustainable, and can it build a sustainable economic and political system?  
  • What are the implications of neoliberalism for the current crisis of social reproduction? 
  • How should we theorise and defeat racial neoliberalism and racial capitalism? 
  • What are the specific features of neoliberalism’s regional formations e.g. in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, East and South Asia, and the Middle East, and what are the features of their crises? 
  • To what extent have left governments managed to transcend neoliberalism? 

Contact the convenors of the WG: 

If you have any questions about being part of this stream please email Alfredo Saad Filho (alfredo.saad-filho@kcl.ac.uk).  

Submit a paper or panel proposal by 15 March 2023 at IIPPE.org  

Important: please select the Neoliberalism Working Group when submitting your proposal.  

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