[CFP] Conference 2023 – Moving Beyond Capitalism Working Group

The 13th Annual IIPPE Conference
“The Chronicles of Multiple Crises Foretold”
September 6-8, 2023 / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

Call for papers for the Moving Beyond Capitalism Working Group

Following the Global Financial Crisis and the ongoing covid pandemic, alongside the chronic, if intensifying, impacts of environmental degradation and global conflicts, burdens of adjustment are increasingly being consolidated and/or shifted upon those who are already worst placed to live let alone survive the volatilities that have derived from the unprecedentedly inegalitarian tendencies attached to contemporary capitalism. Such developments have been complemented by corresponding vulnerabilities and oppressions, especially where deriving from authoritarian populism, in political and cultural spheres, the severities of which have been disproportionately experienced on the basis of nationality, race, gender, disability and sexual orientation. 

All this continues to reinforce the long-standing world condition that we could do better than capitalism, and with increasing urgency it is becoming a necessity for humanity that we do so.

All members of IIPPE will have seen the two general Calls for the Conference that went in December and January. This is a reinforcing Call for submissions to the Moving Beyond Capitalism WG of either individual papers or pre-formed panels, on any topic concerned with moving beyond capitalism, that is, with building a better world.

It is projected that the portal for submitting proposals and abstracts to the Conference will be opened about February 15, and the deadline for submitting these will be March 15. A further Call giving details for submitting will go out around mid-February.

IMPORTANT: In the process of filling out the small amount of information asked for, when it asks for what Working Group that you are submitting to, indicate Moving Beyond Capitalism in order to submit to present in this WG.

If you have any questions about submitting anything to the Moving Beyond Capitalism Working Group, please contact the working group coordinator Al Campbell, at al@econoimcs.utah.edu.

La lucha continúa, Al

PS: For those interested in doing so (not at all required), to promote discussion where desired we have now built the structure so that people who want to can post their Power Point presentation, their notes or (edited) transcript, or an article the presentation may be derived from or related to. They can do this before or after their presentation (by sending the material to me), and if before, then they can change it after the presentation if they want to, to reflect new or changed ideas coming out of the discussion at the presentation.

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