[CFP] Conference 2021 – Teaching Political Economy Working Group

IIPPE Conference 2021 – Call for papers / panel proposals

11 12 September 2021 – ONLINE

Teaching Political Economy working group

The deadline for abstracts and proposals is 15 May 2021

Teaching Political Economy working group coordinators:


The Teaching Political Economy working group welcomes proposals for individual research papers, panels and other presentations.

Whilst the need for decolonizing economics curriculum and social sciences at large has been articulated by both academics and student movements alike, there are a wide range of issues linked to pedagogy, teaching methods and practices that will contribute to an under-investigated but vitally important aspect of our political economy community. Further, and linked, are questions of gender representation, with the undergraduate economics student populations dominated by male students and women under-represented in academic economics positions in the UK and across Europe, highlighting the need for teaching to foster access and inclusivity for the next generation of economists.

Topics of interest could include, but are not limited to:

  • How to conceptualise and integrate decolonising perspectives into standard modules such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Political Economy
  • How gender is represented in teaching economics and political economy
  • Best practices and operationalization of teaching decolonization: case studies
  • Relationship between race and gender in teaching  
  • Experiences from the classroom with respect to teaching decolonization and diversity
  • Student perspectives and experiences

We welcome panel proposals and single paper proposals. If you are proposing a panel, all papers need to be submitted individually via the Electronic Proposal Form, which you can access through the website http://iippe.org/wp/ . In addition, please send an email indicating which papers (with their authors) you would like to be grouped into a panel (give title). This should go to [add name?] on the Conference Committee, and please copy in Kevin, Lorena and Elisa.

The deadline for proposals is 15 May 2021 All other deadline dates are stated in the Electronic Proposal Form instructions.

IMPORTANT: Please select Teaching Political Economy when you complete the electronic form.

 For general information about IIPPE, its Working Groups, and the Conference, visit http://iippe.org/.

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