IIPPE Officers Elections

The following candidates have been elected:

Executive Committee:
Chair: Ben Fine
Vice Chair: Susan Newman
Treasurer: Kate Bayliss
General Secretary: Dimitris Milonakis

Abelardo Mariña Flores
Alfredo Saad-Filho
Bruno Tinel
Heesang Jeon
Lucia Pradella
Niels Hahn
Simon Mohun

Conflict, War and Development Working Group

The aim of this working group is to bring together academics, activist, politicians and other people from across the world, who have an interest in research on conflict, war and development that is more balanced and objective than the discourses produced and disseminated by mainstream academics and the dominant media. The working group is in particular interested in analyses that includes material interests and motivations; production of knowledge and false consciousness; media, war propaganda and public opinion; organisation and production of overt and covert warfare; gender and masculinity; psychological operations and humanitarianism. Click here to read more.