Working Groups

Working Groups form the backbone of IIPPE. The groups are at various stages of development, with each running itself subject to conforming to the broader IIPPE aims. So far, activities that have been organised by IIPPE working groups include workshops, panels at conferences, online debates, and exchange of literature and other resources. The IIPPE working groups have brought together researchers from across disciplines, institutions and countries. A number of working groups are planning working paper series and other collaborative work. IIPPE is looking to expand the diversity and scope of the working groups, and we welcome suggestions and offers to organise new working groups, as well as collaboration with other working groups from outside the initiative. Those interested in this should contact individual working groups or, for more general inquiries and for those interested in setting up new groups, please contact the overall coordinator of the working groups, Bruno Bonizzi.

Current Working Groups and Co-ordinators

Working Group Working Group Co-ordinator(s)
African Radical Political Economy Bettina Engels, Elisa Greco, and Ben Radley
Agrarian Change Leandro Vergara-Camus and Jens Lerche
Commodity Studies Susan Newman and Sophie Van Huellen 
Environment Murat Arsel
Financialisation Bruno Bonizzi, Ezgi Unsal, and Philip Mader
Health and Healthcare Jonathan Filippon, Elias Kondilis, and Áquilas Mendes
History of Economic Thought, Economic Methodology, and Critique of the Mainstream Dimitris Milonakis
Marxist Political Economy Simon Mohun, Al Campbell, and Alfredo Saad Filho
Moving Beyond Capitalism Al Campbell
Neoliberalism and Contemporary Capitalism Alfredo Saad Filho, Edemilson Parana, Lotta Takkala-Greenish, Devika Dutt, and Celal Ozkizan
Political Economy and Law Christina Sakali, Angela Daly, and Mnqobi Ngubane
Political Economy and Religions Salvatore Drago
Political Economy of China’s Development Sam-Kee Cheng
Political Economy of Industrial Development (PEID) Lorenza Monaco, Pritish Behuria, and Tobias Franz
Political Economy of Work Surbhi Kesar and Jon Las Heras
Social Capital Asimina Christoforou
Social Reproduction Hannah Bargawi, Sara Stevano, and Serap Saritas
Teaching PE Kevin Deane and Lorena Lombardozzi
Urban and Regional Political Economy Angus McNelly and Ozlem Celik
World Economy Abelardo Marina Flores, Lucia Pradella, and Rubens R. Sawaya
Varieties of Socialism Alina-Sandra Cucu, Luisa Steur, and Aaron Kappeler