Members Meeting Minutes (London, 2013)

Saturday, 9 November, 2013

1. IIPPE Elections

It was decided to go ahead with the elections of IIPPE officers through e-voting. Because at the moment we only have a small number of full IIPPE members (and thus eligible to vote), it was decided that a letter is sent to all IIPPE members in advance asking them to become full IIPPE members which will give them full rights including the right to vote but also to participate in the next Naples IIPPE conference for which full IIPPE membership will be required.

2.2014 IIPPE Conference, University of Naples L’Orientale 16-18 September, 2014

The IIPPE 5th International Conference in Political Economy will take place in Naples, Italy between 16-18 September 2014. The host will be the University of Naples L’Orientale with

Pietro Masina (, Michela Cerimele ( and Lorenza Monaco ( forming the Local Organising Committee.

The theme of the conference is “Crisis: Scholarship, Policies, Conflicts and Alternatives” and the Call for Papers is already out.

Alfredo Saad Filho (, Al Cambpell ( and Niels Hahn ( form the Conference Programme Committee.

The Local Organising Committee is looking into possible sources of funding including a possible 2000-2500 Euros from L’Orientale University. Each conference day will host a plenary and several parallel sessions. Social activities – probably an excursion to Pompeii – will take place after the conference completion.

3. 2015 IIPPE Conference

Two possibilities were examined for the IIPPE 2015 conferences. One is to hold a joint conference with the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) in Vienna along the lines of the highly successful 2012 joint IIPPE-AHE-FAPE conference in Paris. Some contacts have already been made by Dimitris Milonakis ( and this possibility looks likely to materialise. The other possibility is Cambridge with Ioana Negru in the lead.

4. IIPPE Training Workshop

(Simon Mohun: and Elisa van Waeyenberge:

IIPPE held two Training Workshops over the last few months both of which were highly successful. The third IIPPE Political Economy Training Workshop was a one-day event and was held on the day before the Annual Conference in July 2013 in The Hague with 61 participants. Training Workshop 4 on the eve of the HM Conference attracted over 100 expressions of interest, of whom just over half attended, for a programme advertised as an introduction to political economy (led by Alfredo Saad-Filho and Simon Mohun, covering value, value and price, value and accumulation, and value and profit).The next Workshop will take place over two days on 24-25 March 2014 in London on “Class and Class Formation”, and confirmed speakers so far include Henry Bernstein and Alfredo Saad-Filho.

5. Working Groups  (Susan Newman:

Susan Newman conducted an audit of working groups to ascertain the level of activity and commitment of working group coordinators. As a result, a small number of working groups have been closed down. One of these has been replaced by the Conflict, War and Development working group that will be coordinated by Niels Hahn. Robin de la Motte has stepped down as coordinator of the Environmental working group. Susan is currently searching for a replacement from active members of the group. Working group coordinators have been encouraged to draft call for papers for WG panels at Naples 2014. The full list of current WGs can be found in the latest issue of IIPPE in brief.

Other working group news include a new working paper series from the poverty working group.

6. Newsletter – Susan Newman

Issue 9 of IIPPE in Brief has now been circulated. There was no spring/summer issue for 2013 owing to difficulties in finding editorial support at a time when Susan was heavily commited to the organisation of the Hague conference. Susan will now be joined by Hannah Bargawi to take on shared responsibility for the newsletter. Serap Saritas and Florian Shaefer (both PhD students at SOAS) have also joined the editorial team. The team are currently discussing the way forward for the newsletter. A priority is to step up the quality and depth of the content.

7. External Relations Officer

We are glad to announce IIPPE’s new External Relations Officer who is Ewa Karwoski ( of SOAS. She replaces Daniela Tavasci who has stepped down.

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