IIPPE and the University of Leeds Training Workshop (2 May) on Systems of Provision

IIPPE and the University of Leeds would like to invite you to our upcoming workshop “Systems of Provision – Foundations, applications and possibilities” taking place at the University of Leeds on 2 May 2018.

Systems of Provision is an approach designed to address wicked interdisciplinary problems: 

  • How can the provision of essential services such as food, housing or transport be secured in times of austerity, rising inequalities and global environmental crises? 
  • What is the role of the State, business, research and other institutions in the delivery of these services? 
  • What are barriers to effective provisioning and how might they be overcome? 

Systems of Provision has been developed to address such questions. Originating in Political Economy (rather than economics), it offers a realist and interdisciplinary research methodology that enables a more useful and appropriate basis for policy than other approaches, and hence is also better positioned to attract large research grants. 

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to engage with the inventor of the Systems of Provision approach – world-leading political economist Professor Ben Fine – who will introduce and discuss the approach in his keynote address and will be available to answer questions throughout the day. 

The University of Leeds has played a major role in mainstreaming the Systems of Provision approach and widening its applications, by applying it to study the provision of housing and water [FESSUD], infrastructure [iBuild]waste[CVORR] and sustainable prosperity [Lili]The workshop will build on and discuss these major advanceswith a view to strengthening existing research collaborations and developing future projects. 

Aims of the workshop 

  • Offer guidance to those trying to understand and work within Systems of Provision 
  • Strengthen high impact interdisciplinary research capacity 
  • Identify possibilities for future projects 

Who should attend? 

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines who already work with the Systems of Provision approach or are interested in learning about it. 

The number of participants is limited, and places will be granted on a first come, first serve basisTo register, please send an email to Elke Pirgmaier bnepi@leeds.ac.uk. 

We do hope you are able to join us for this exciting event and look forward to welcoming you.

For and on behalf of the Organising Committee 

Andrew Mearman, Economics Division, LUBS

Download (PDF, SoP-Programme.pdf)

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