Council Meeting Minutes (September 2016)

Apologies: Susan Newman, Jo Michell

1. IIPPE conference

  • Need to improve our technology for activism films and workshops
  • Need to find new ways to publicise the conference
  • General problem with attendance of the openings of our conferences
  • There has been a shift in the organisation of the panels. About 80% of the panels organised by the Working Groups. Good decentralization strategy.
  • Because of the growing numbers of submissions (about 500 in Lisbon, probably more in Berlin next year) need to reconsider our acceptance/rejection policy.
  • Some complaints about the height of the fees have been recorded.
  • Proposal for a training type material (stream?) throughout the conference

2. Berlin Conference

  • Need to find more cheap hotels. Coordination through facebook may help in this direction.
  • The Programme Conference Committee of the 2017 IIPPE Berlin Conference should include a representative of the co-organising organisation Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN).
  • Plan for the co-organisation with CPERN of a smaller event (e.g. one-day seminar) on the labour movement in the spring 2017.

3. There have been several suggestions for the 2018 IIPPE conference on top of Toulouse, including Croatia and Italy.

4. We need to find a much better way to organise registration and payment, and to send receipts and to organise the data associated with each member so we can see who comes year on year etc. And this needs to go through the website. Our treasurer Kate Bayliss to liaise with Conference Programme Committee in order to find a solution.

  • The Council decided that for payments exceeding 300 Pounds a Council decision is required following a proposal by the Executive Committee.

5. IIPPE membership has reached 1460 people.

  • Proposal for a new design of our website. Heesang Jeon to look into it. We should aim to spend the money on re-doing the website before the end of this financial year – ie end of March 2017.
  • Need for a more effective use of social media. Ben Fine to contact Florian Schafer.

6. Suggestion for an IIPPE workshop the day before the HM conference.

  • Explore the possibilities for reaching out wider. Take videos of workshops?

7. Suggestion of making the IIPPE Publication Workshop an annual event.

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