[CFP] Conference 2021 – China Working Group

The 11th Annual IIPPE Conference

The Pandemic and the Future of Capitalism: On the Political Economy of our Societies and Economies

Call for Papers
Political Economy of China’s Development (PECD) Working Group

Online, 12-19 September 2021

China’s rapid economic recovery and ending of extreme poverty in 2020 forms a sharp contrast to the on-going struggle to control the pandemic and the steep decline in living standards elsewhere. US sanctions have pushed China to a ‘dual circulation’ strategy and a commitment to bypass the Western technological blockade. The persistence of China’s state-owned and controlled economy and improving outcomes on popular welfare continues to challenge the notion that it is nothing more than an authoritarian form of capitalism. With an emerging consensus in the Western world, including in left circles, that China presents a systemic challenge to the liberal democratic order, are the existing paradigms, orthodox and heterodox, still fit for purpose in this world-historic turn?

The PECD Working Group calls for submissions for individual papers and thematic panels on the following themes:

  • China’s “two centennial goals”
  • Evolution of China’s Five-Year Plans
  • China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) and “dual circulation strategy”
  • China’s response to Covid-19
  • China’s industrial policy
  • The Belt and Road Initiative
  • The political economy of the development of national minority regions
  • Marxian perspectives on the nature of the PRC social formation
  • Implications of rising tensions between the West and the PRC

All proposals are to be submitted via the electronic form on the IIPPE website from 15 April 2021 AND by email to the PECD Working Group coordinator Sam-Kee Cheng (iippechina@gmail.com).

IMPORTANT: Please select Political Economy of China’s Development when you complete the electronic form.

The deadline for abstracts and proposals is 15 May 2021.

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