Annual General Meeting (Naples, 2014)

Annual General Meeting of IIPPE (Members Meeting) 17th September, 2014

IIPPE held its first Members Meeting following the adoption of its constitution and election of Officers and Council Members. The following is a brief report of the meeting held as a special session during the Naples Conference.

  1. The elections had been successfully completed by electronic voting. The results had been emailed to the membership, with link for details at According to the Constitution, two further members can be co-opted who will not have voting rights.
  2. With the adoption of the Constitution and election of Officers, it was now intended to place IIPPE finances on a more formal footing, with own bank account, etc.
  3. The Naples Conference was considered so far to have been a resounding success with much appreciation to all involved in organisation, etc. There was some discussion of venues and other details such as timing for future conferences, with Leeds most likely and already well-advanced for 2015. There was also discussion of the merits or otherwise of joint conferences with other organisations.
  4. Another successful training workshop had been held the day before the Naples conference. The next workshop is scheduled for the day before the HM conference in London, in November, 2014. One had recently been held in Leeds. The intention is to expand the workshop activity according to what is feasible by topic, mode of delivery and location,
  5. Working Groups had a strong presence at Conference once more but there remained a need for them to be more active in between Conferences and this would be promoted as far as possible,
  6. There had been no new volumes in the Pluto/IIPPE Book Series and there was a need for more manuscripts to come under consideration,
  7. There are plans to enrich the website to be more user-friendly and to engage with social media.
  8. Arrangements were in place to engage fully with the Rethinking Economics movement,
  9. A working group was set up to consider strengthening IIPPE’s activism engagement.
  10. The Newsletter continued to be a great success and hard copies had been made available at the Conference,
  11. Hilary Wainwright, a Conference plenary speaker, suggested ties between IIPPE and Red Pepper, the magazine on which she serves as editor, Simon Mohun to liaise (as a member of both Councils/Boards).

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