Annual General Meeting (Lille, 2019)

  1. IIPPE Treasurer’s statement of accounts for the year ended 31 March 2019 was passed on unanimously.

    Proposal to give a total amount of 5.000 euros to IIPPE Working groups

    Proposals to give research grants and/or reduced fees or fee exemption for low income participants at the IIPPR conference.
  2. Proposal to inform members about IIPPE and Council activities more frequently.
  3. The Membership Meeting was informed about Kate Bayliss’ resignation as Treasurer of IIPPE and the Executive Committee’s decision to co-opt Christina Lascaridis as new IIPPE Treasurer.
  4. The Membership Meeting voted in favour of suspending the following phrases from IIPPE Constitution until 31st December 2020:

    From Clause 11.1 with the title “Executive Committee”, the phrase “and an Officer may be re-elected two consecutive terms and may not stand for election again until at least one term of office has elapsed”.

    From Clause 14 with the title “Reappointment of IIPPE Officers”, the phrase “EC or Council Member who has served for two consecutiveterms may not be reappointed for a third consecutive term but may be reappointed after an interval of at least three years”.

The voting went as follows: 

  • In favour of the suspension: 55
  • Against the suspension: 0
  • Abstentions: 4

The Membership meeting also decided that in next year’s (2020) Membership Meeting in Ferrara a new Council proposal will be made

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