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For the three days following the Fifth Annual Conference in Political Economy, IIPPE has organised a social programme with the idea to provide a space where people can meet and discuss their research in a relaxed informal environment. A meeting can mean sharing feedback and new insights and result in future research collaboration.

The social programme will include trips to the archaeological site in Pompeii, to Procida, one of the islands of the Gulf surrounding Naples, and the Vesuvius crater. Each participant must pay for their own expenses, such as transport, guided tours and lunches. A detailed programme will be sent to registered participants by mail.

Each participant can subscribe to one or more day trips as indicated in the previously filled registration form, and can do so by transferring the correspondent amount through Paypal (link below), not later than Sunday 14th September 2014.

If you have any question regarding subscription, or practical queries related to trips or local issues in Naples, please contact Lorenza Monaco ( or Francesco Pontarelli (

Social programme

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