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Conference 2020 Postponed

Following close consideration across relevant Committees, there is unanimous agreement to cancelling/postponing our Annual Conference, scheduled for September 9-11 in Ferrara, Italy.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – World Economy, Africa, Social Reproduction Working Groups

We encourage contributions on the geo-economic and class position of the Global South - and its global labour - within the international system of capital accumulation. We welcome research and activist work that cut across national and disciplinary boundaries, encouraging a dialectical understanding of apparently separated oppressions and struggles, and aim to build solidaristic movements and analyses.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – World Economy Working Group

This section aims to foster a critical and interdisciplinary debate on unevenness, underdevelopment, and resistance in the Global South in the age of neoliberalism and populism by drawing from political economy, international relations, geography, political ecology, gender studies, race studies, sociology, and history.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – Moving Beyond Capitalism Working Group

The Moving Beyond Capitalism Working Group would like to invite proposals for individual papers (which will be grouped into panels) and already-formed panels related to either the theory or the practice (consideration of both the successes and failures of both past and present concrete experiments) of Moving Beyond Capitalism.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – Private Finance and Development

There has been a surge in initiatives to attract private investment in infrastructure and essential services in developing countries. Raising private finance has become elevated to a development objective in its own right so that public funds are used to leverage the private sector, as for example with the World Bank’s Maximising Finance for Development approach and a number of schemes established by the EU to promote ‘blended’ finance for development. Yet, despite widespread support, there is little evidence that this financing approach has been successful in promoting long-term sustainable development. Furthermore there are concerns that such measures will be at high cost, will lack accountability and transparency and will deepen rather than alleviate inequality. Such approaches are institutionally demanding and public sector alternatives may be crowded out.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – Africa Working Group

The Africa working group is supported by the Review of African Political Economy, whose contributions are based on politically engaged scholarship from a range of disciplines. The journal pays particular attention to the political economy of inequality, exploitation, oppression, and to struggles against them, whether driven by global forces or local ones such as class, race, community and gender. It sustains a critical analysis of the nature of power and the state in Africa in the context of capitalist globalisation. Please visit roape.net to see some of the Review’s more fast-moving analysis in areas such as critical agrarian studies, imperialism, labour struggle and uprisings, debt and debates around poverty statistics.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – Marxist Political Economy Working Group

Whilst Marxist political economy has played a crucial role in offering ways to critically understand contemporary capitalism as well as developing its own thematic areas across the social sciences, it is true that such power and intellectual command of Marxist political economy has significantly diminished under neoliberalism. This is why the coming IIPPE conference is expected to be a venue for reestablishing as well as deepening the analytical and critical capabilities of Marxist political economy in the face of the profound transformations within our societies and economies.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – PE of Health & Healthcare Working Group

The IIPPE Political Economy of Health and Healthcare Working Group, in collaboration with both the International Health and Political Economy of Health Research Group (ihpeh – QMUL/UK) and the Health, State and Contemporary Capitalism Research Group (University of Sao Paulo/Brazil) calls for abstract submissions

Call for Documentary/Activist Films, Video Art Projects and Activist Talks

In parallel with the academic conference, IIPPE will feature a film screening and discussion programme that addresses major issues affecting our world such as poverty, climate change and environmental crises, migration and displacement, gender equality, international development, privatisation, banking and financial fraud, the global economic crisis, the rise of the extreme right, armed conflicts, neocolonialism, etc.

[CFP] Conference 2020 – Financialisation Working Group

How does financialisation relate to the rising trend of populism across globe? What differences can be observed in developed and developing economies? How can finance and financialisation be addressed in the current context of neoliberalism? Is there an underlying causal relationship between the rising importance of finance in the world economy and neoliberalism as a set of social, economic and political policy agenda? What are the future prospects for the world economy given the primary role of finance? How can appropriate economic and social policies be designed to capture such prominence and its implications?