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Training Workshop: Political Economies of Work (20 February 2019)

This workshop is hosted by The Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (University of the West of England) and will take place at The Bristol Business School, UWE Frenchay Campus on the 20th of February 2019, 10:00-17:00. The Workshop will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, junior academics and activists who have a particular interest in acquainting themselves with the relevance of Marxian political economy to the contemporary world. In this workshop, scholars will be introducing different understandings of work in the contemporary context that draw upon, but not limited to, different interpretations of Marx. Sessions interrogate ...

[CFP] Conference 2019 – Agrarian Change Working Group

The Agrarian Change Working Group invites you to submit proposals for individual papers, themed panels or streams of panels related to our lines of inquiry. These may include theoretical and empirical contributions, both historical and contemporary, for any part of the world. We are especially interested in empirically-grounded interventions in contemporary struggles and debates.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – HETMECoM Working Group

A major task is to assess critically the new orthodox heterodoxies, and how much they genuinely differ from neoclassical economics as well as how much they engage with, rather than contain or even dismiss, more radical alternatives across methodology, interdisciplinarity, theory and conceptualisation. Another task is how to promote a more deep-rooted political economy in teaching and research in the wake of the crisis and the mainstream responses to it.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – World Economy Working Group

At this year’s IIPPE Conference, we wish to continue the debates on the world economy that we started in Berlin and Pula, and discuss how they can contribute to envisioning and creating an alternative economy of the future.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – Poverty Working Group

The Poverty Working Group encourages contributions which shed light on critical theoretical approach of poverty and social needs. We are particularly interested in contributions that link theory to practice where there is an analysis of resistance and political mobilization around poverty highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – Urban and Regional Political Economy Working Group

We seek papers on any aspect of the political economy of localities and regions (sub-national territories), both rural and urban, and both Majority and Minority Worlds. Papers may be either purely theoretical or theorised empirically-based studies. We seek papers both on processes/ relations within localities and regions and on processes/ relations linking these scales to national and international scales.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – Political Economy of China’s Development Working Group

The Political Economy of China’s Development Working Group invites you to submit proposals for individual papers or themed panels related to our lines of inquiry of China’s transformation and its impact on world development in relation to neoliberalism, capitalism and imperialism.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – The Future of Political Economy. The Role of the Religions with Ethical and Social Implications

The Call for Paper aims at fulfilling essential purposes. To understand how actually the recent and financial crisis is also a crisis of religious and ethical values that have been excluded from the economic science legislation all over the centuries, starting from its financial origins to its effects on the real economy of citizens and enterprises.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – Social Capital Working Group

We invite proposals for papers to be presented in the Social Capital Working Group’s panels at IIPPE’s Annual Conference. Proposals could examine the development of alternative collective and community economies in different parts of the world and investigate their potential to combat the individualisation and marketisation of human action and to create transformational relations toward a cooperative and solidaristic economy and society.

[CFP] Conference 2019 – Joint call of the Commodity Studies and Social Reproduction Working Groups for Papers and Activist Proposals

We welcome proposals for individual research papers and other interventions that relate to the intersecting interests of the Commodity Studies and Social Reproduction Working Groups namely processes of commodification, commodity chain dynamics, and their gendered content and expression.