Discounts on selected Pluto Press books for IIPPE members

Pluto Press offer IIPPE members discounts of 40% or more on selected titles.

This includes all books in the IIPPE series and the following titles in political economy:

Author Title
Ben Fine Microeconomics: A Critical Companion
Ben Fine, Ourania Dimakou Macroeconomics : A Critical Companion
Ben Fine, Jyoti Saraswati, Daniela Tavasci Beyond the Developmental State: Industrial Policy into the Twenty-first Century
Jyoti Saraswati Dot.compradors: Power and Policy in the Development of the Indian Software Industry
Kate Bayliss, Ben Fine, Elisa Van Waeyenberge The Political Economy of Development: The World Bank, Neoliberalism and Development Research
Ben Fine Theories of Social Capital: Researchers Behaving Badly