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The Financialisation Working Group (FWG) will be presenting at the IIPPE Conference 2014 in Naples a record of 62 papers and 17 panels. Reviewing these panels and papers, we have noticed that many dimensions of financialisation have been addressed, such as the impact of finance on public finance, banking, state, housing, wages, emerging economies, global finance, the Eurozone, crisis, food, agriculture, gender, production, social reproduction and so on.

The variety of subjects is exciting and gives us the opportunity to discuss several aspects of political economy with a common emphasis on finance. Furthermore, it brings to our attention why financialisation is crucial for “addressing the nature of contemporary capitalism” (IIPPE). Simultaneously, the challenge is to develop an inclusive and comprehensive definition of the term, as well as to address corresponding policies and applied issues that are absent in the literature and need to be located and explored.

On this basis, please join us for the Financialisation Working Group social hub to chat about financialisation from this rich and extended perspective, highlighting the need for an answer for what is financialisation, the alternative policies and issues that have not been covered by the literature yet, and the aspects of financialisation that you are interested in. Most importantly, join us for this social hub so we can get familiarized with each other’s works, share our thoughts on how Economics and other Social Sciences are dealing with financialisation, and think about joint-activities in which we can promote and discuss the Political Economy of Financialisation locally and internationally.

Bring your lunch with you and meet us on 17th September at 13:20h at the Università degli studi di Napoli L’Orientale, Palazzo del Mediterraneo, room 1.4, first floor.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you.

Financialisation Working Group

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