[CfP] Conference 2016 – Neoliberalism Working Group – Panel for the Greek Economy

IIPPE 7th International Conference in Political Economy

‘Political Economy: International Trends and National Differences’

School of Economics & Management, University of Lisbon, Portugal

September 7-9, 2016

Call for Papers: Neoliberalism Working Group – Panel for the Greek Economy – The Greek economy in front of the 3rd Adjustment Program

The Greek economy is in crisis for the seventh consecutive year. Since its beginning in 2009, it has already curried the brunt of two Economic Adjustment Programmes (popularly called Memoranda) organised by the EU-ECB-IMF troika and agreed by the Greek political and economic establishment that led to a cumulative depression of approximately 27% of the initial GDP, a skyrocketing unemployment around 27% and mounting immiserisation of the working class and the middle strata. The SYRIZA government betrayed its declarations of rejecting the Memoranda policy, capitulated unconditionally to the directives and demands of the troika and signed a new 3rd Economic Adjustment Programme. The new programme follows the lines of the previous ones and dictates more austerity for the country and immiserisation for the popular classes.

This panel aims to study the state of the Greek economy in front of the new Adjustment Programme. It aspires to gather contributions on issues like:

  • The impact of the Adjustment Programmes on the labour market, the sectoral and branch structure of the economy, health and the health system etc.
  • Competing explanations of the Greek crisis
  • Alternative economic policies for overcoming the crisis

The panel is organised under the auspices of the Neoliberalism Working Group.

Abstracts (500 words maximum) should be submitted by April 1, 2016. To submit your abstract, please go to the Electronic Proposal Form and carefully follow the instructions there. (All deadlines are listed at the link.). Also mention the specific Working Group and the relevant panel.

For more general information about IIPPE, the working groups and the conference, please visit our website. For details on the panel, you can contact Stavros Mavroudeas (smavro@uom.gr).

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