Berlin IIPPE General Meeting Agenda

Thursday 14 September, 6:30-8:00 pm, Old Library (Room 2.20)

  • Apologies
  • IIPPE 2014-7: Executive Committee Statement (Ben Fine, Susan Newman, Kate Bayliss, Dimitris Milonakis)
  • IIPPE Executive Committee and Council Elections (Dimitris Milonakis)
  • 2017 IIPPE Berlin Joint Conference with CPERN (Al Campbell, Trevor Evans, Phoebe Moore)
  • 2018 IIPPE Conference (Al Campbell)
  • 2019 IIPPE Conference (Dimitris Milonakis)
  • IIPPE Finances (Kate Bayliss)
  • Training Workshops between Lisbon, September 2016, and Berlin, September 2017 and future Workshops (Christina Laskaridis, Pedro Mendes Loureiro, Simon Mohun, Elisa Van Waeyenberge)
  • 2017 Working Groups Report (Alfredo Saad Filho)
  • IIPPE/Pluto Book Series (Ben Fine, Dimitris Milonakis)
  • Newsletter (Lotta Takala)
  • External relations: Brazilian Political Economy Association (Alfredo Saad Filho)
  • Website and membership (Heesang Jeon)
  • Publicity (including Edinburgh Festival for New Economic Thinking) and Social Media (Christina Laskaridis)
  • AOB


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