Pre-call: 2022 Conference

Dear IIPPE member,

It is now 2022 – time to start thinking about our Annual Conference in September, 2022. Under normal conditions we start thinking about the next Annual Conference from the time of the previous one, and send out an initial Call for papers in November. But of course, we are not in normal times.

Current scientific predications indicate that it is possible that the world takes the first steps in a process of a return to “normality” after this spring. On the other hand, that is definitely not assured, especially if by then the virus mutates again into some new highly contagious form.

So this is a pre-Call communication to all of IIPPE members concerning our next AGM. It will be Wednesday September 7 – Friday September 9 (and a “workshop” the day before), and its title/theme is Socio-Ecological Crisis and the Political Economy of Sustainability. While the portal for submitting proposed papers or panels will not be open for 1 – 2 months, this pre-Call is so that people can start thinking about the sort of presentation they might like to make then, including talking with others about focused panels.

We will wait as long as we can to make the big decision – can we return to a live format this year, or will we be forced to have a virtual conference as we did this past September? If we do return to live it will be in Bologna, and local people have already done the basic preliminary work to make that possible if COVID allows it.

We will update everyone again in mid-February. Again, please start now to consider what you, or you in collaboration with a collection of people who work on related topics, might present this coming September.

In solidarity, the Conference Committee

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