IIPPE financialisation discussion series | Ewa Karwowski | 1st March

The IIPPE Financialisation Working Group invites you to the second event in the discussion series in 2018. Please find details below.

IIPPE financialisation discussion series (Thursday 1 March,  7 pm)
The IIPPE Financialisation Working Group (IIPPE FWG) will discuss financialisation and related issues across various approaches to political economy. Please join us at SOAS for the monthly discussion series where we will engage with various topics. Each meeting will be opened by a member of IIPPE FWG with a brief introduction in light of few suggested readings and an open discussion will follow. The details of our second event in 2018 are listed below:

Financialisation and the State
Speaker:  Dr Ewa Karwowski, University of Hertfordshire
Date:        1st March
Venue:     SOAS room 459, 7pm

Suggested Readings:

  • Karwowski & Centurion-Vicencio (2018): Financialising the State – Recent Developments in Fiscal and Monetary Policy http://www.fingeo.net/financialising-the-state-recent-developments-in-fiscal-and-monetary-policy/
  • Trampusch, C. 2015. The Financialisation of Sovereign Debt: An Institutional Analysis of the Reforms in German Public Debt Management, German Politics, 24(2), 119-36
  • Pacewicz, J. 2012. Tax increment financing, economic development professionals and the financialization of urban politics, Socio-Economic Review, 11(3), 413-40

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