[IIPPE 2014] Financialisation and the restructuring of production

Panel proposed for IIPPE 2014 conference

Call for papers

Lynne Chester & Susan Newman

The origins of financialisation have been traced to the 1970s. The literature has illuminated the impact of financialisation on business strategies, for example the shareholder value movement and the shift from patient to impatient capital in investment decision making. Empirical studies of these processes and phenomena, however, have failed to fully reveal their complexity, firm, sector and industry specificity, because they have predominantly been conducted at the macro level and focused upon quantitative dimensions, for example trends in dividend payments and the acquisition of financial relative to tangible assets.  To fully understand the implications of financialisation on the organisation of production, empirical studies need to be extended to the level of industrial sectors and specific commodities. Contemporary studies on the productive economy and industrial organisation have focussed almost exclusively on the vertical de-integration and fragmentation of production globally and the rapid growth and consolidation of transnational corporations without consideration of the nature, impacts and consequences of financialisation on the organisation of production itself.

How have financial imperatives changed relations along supply chains? How have business strategies of transnational corporations been financialised? Are there commodity or sector specificities, similarities and differences, both in the way that financialisation manifests and reorganises production? How does productive reorganisation reinforce and extend existing and new forms of financialisation? The panel seeks to explore these and related questions.

We welcome contributions from different theoretical perspectives and in particular those based on contemporary empirical analyses at the TNC, sector and commodity levels. We plan to draw from these contributions to compile a special issue for a heterodox economics journal.

Deadline for abstracts (maximum of 500 words) to be considered for the proposed panel: 1st March 2014

Please send abstracts to lynne.chester@sydney.edu.au and newman@iss.nl

For more information on the conference visit www.iippe.org

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