[CFP] Conference 2020 – Health/Africa Working Groups

IPPE Conference 2020 – Joint call for papers and proposals from the Political Economy of Health and Healthcare working group and the Africa working group

Africa working group coordinators:

Hannah Cross H.Cross@westminster.ac.uk
Elisa Greco elisa.greco@univ-catholille.fr

Political Economy of Health and Healthcare working group coordinators:

Jonathan Filippon j.filippon@qmul.ac.uk
Elias Kondilis ekondilis@auth.gr
Áquilas Mendes aquilasmendes@gmail.com

We welcome proposals for individual research papers, panels and other presentations that relate to the intersecting interests of the Political Economy of Health and Healthcare working group and the Africa working group.

Our working groups are collaborating to promote the need for more political economy work on the broad issue of Health and Healthcare in the African context, as to date in many areas of health, work from a political economy perspective has been lacking. Topics of interest could include, but are not limited to:

  • The political economy of health systems financing
  • Critical perspectives on the role of International Financial Institutions (IFIs), international bodies and philanthropic organisations in health and healthcare
  • Public Private Partnerships in health and healthcare
  • Class differentiation and communicable disease transmission/non-communicable disease incidence
  • Class differentiation and health systems
  • Labour and social reproduction in health and social care
  • Health inequalities related to class, gender, sexuality and ethnicity
  • Political economy of health interventions and/or policy responses
  • Capitalism, Imperialism, neoliberalism and the production and reproduction of poor health outcomes
  • Alternative programmes for healthcare, e.g. as led by workers and social movements

We welcome panel proposals and single paper proposals. If you are proposing a panel, all papers need to be submitted individually as above following the IIPPE conference procedures. In addition, please send an email indicating what papers (with their authors) you would like to be grouped into a panel (give title). This should go to Hannah Cross, Elisa Greco and Jonathan Filippon.

To submit to this joint call please select EITHER Political Economy of Health and Healthcare working group OR the Africa working group. The deadline for proposals is March 15th 2020. All other deadline dates are stated in the Electronic Proposal Form instructions. For general information about IIPPE, its Working Groups, and the Conference, visit http://iippe.org/.

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