[CfP] Conference 2017 – China Working Group

Call for Paper 8th Annual IIPPE Conference Political Economy of China’s Development Working Group Berlin 13-15 September 2017

In an increasingly unstable world where income gaps are widening as the economic crisis is deepening, the Chinese economy continues to grow, and plans for the new Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-century Maritime Silk Road are being implemented in a fast pace.

The US military build-up around China, destabilisation policies, and soft power approaches have had little impact on China’s growth over the past decades, and many countries in the South are increasingly attracted by the Chinese development model, and establish closer relations with China.

More radical measures to contain China seem to be on the way from the new US administration. Attempts to flip Russia, breaking up the BRICS alliance, challenging the One China Policy, and new forms of US mercantilism, may be some of the measures to be applied by the US administration, and economic and military clashes between the two countries are likely to escalate over the coming years. The IIPPE China Working Group welcomes proposal that deals with these issues, and other key issues such as:

  • How will the new Silk Roads shape the future of the global political economy?
  • Is China’s development model able or willing to withstand the mounting internal and external pressure for privatisation and liberalisation?
  • What has been China’s policy and political-economic response to the Great Recession, and how does the response impact world development?
  • Is China’s “going out” part and parcel of neoliberalism, or is it rather a countervailing force to global neoliberalisation?
  • How does the Chinese Government respond to US covert and overt operations in and around China?
  • Are tensions between China and the US developing into direct armed confrontations or wars by proxies?
  • What are the modalities of information warfare – who shapes the mainstream perception of China outside China, and how are civil society movements funded and mobilised inside China?

The submission deadline for abstracts is 1 April 2017. Submissions must be done via the Electronic Proposal Form, which you can access through this website (http://iippe.org).

In case you cannot access the submission forms, or have any questions concerning your paper submission, please contact the China Working Group coordinators Sam-Kee Cheng (214533@soas.ac.uk) and Niels Hahn (nsc.hahn@gmail.com).

For further information, please visit IIPPE website http://iippe.org

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