[CfP] Conference 2016 – Neoliberalism Working Group

7th Annual Conference in Political Economy

Lisbon 7-9 September 2016

Call for Papers: Neoliberalism Working Group

Since 2008 neoliberalism has been in crisis across the globe. Signs of this ongoing crisis are evident in the recurrent volatility of global markets, stagnant economic growth and the growing popularity of explicitly anti-neoliberal politicians, parties and movements, all while governments continue to fall back upon traditional staples of neoliberal policies even as they turn to increasingly elaborate measures to reflate the economy. It is in this context that we welcome papers that reflect upon:

  • Neoliberalism and crisis
  • Alternatives to neoliberalism
  • Strategies for resisting neoliberalism
  • Neoliberalism and austerity
  • Neoliberalism and market volatility
  • The uneven development of neoliberalism and crisis
  • The role of neoliberal ideology.

Papers and proposals can be submitted on iippe.org by 1 April 2016. Alternatively, please contact the Neoliberalism Working Group conveners:

Kean Birch (kean@yorku.ca)

Damien Cahill (damien.cahill@sydney.edu.au)

Alfredo Saad-Filho (as59@soas.ac.uk)

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