Annual General Meeting (Lisbon, 2016)

Lisbon Conference Annual Membership Meeting Minutes (8/9/2016)

Present: 48 IIPPE members

  • Proposal for a training workshop on Rosa Luxemburg
  • Proposals for 2018 conference: Toulouse, Italy (Ferrara, Naples), Croatia (Pula).
  • Proposal to open a solidarity account for Turkey. Aylin Topal ( will look into it.
  • Proposal for the Training Workshop Stream during IIPPE conferences
  • Proposal for live streaming of IIPPE Training Workshops
  • Proposal for a Training Workshop in Salonica, Greece
  • Proposal to hold one Plenary or roundtable discussions on the international conjuncture (actual developments in the World Economy, the European Union etc.) in all IIPPE conferences
  • Proposal for activist presentations to take place within normal sessions
  • Proposal to make an emailing list of participants for each of our conferences

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