Submission Instructions

Instructions for Submitting Material to the IIPPE Member Publications Project

This project will consist of posting references to material published by IIPPE members (as they would appear in a list of References or Bibliography at the end of an article) to help make all IIPPE members aware of the research in Political Economy going on constantly by other IIPPE members.

For motivation for this project, see “Call for Submissions.”

To begin with, we will be posting member political economy publications of the following three types: Books, Academic Articles, and Book Chapters, published 2015 – 2020.

Please submit the material for posting to Al Campbell at It would be preferable to put the information in an attachment to your email in a Word document (or some other word processor). Please read (formatting) instructions below before doing so.


Information and examples on the formatting (it is standard) to put your references in, to be submitted for posting

To have a standard format for the listings of publications, they must be submitted as they would appear as a reference in the list of References of an academic article, in the “Author-Date” or “Harvard” (or simply “Parenthetical”) referencing system (as opposed to the “Footnote” referencing system). For uniformity we will follow the University of Leicester presentation at (itself drawing from a lengthier presentation in the book by Pears and Shields listed in the Book example below), excepting the two things in the following two notes.

Note 1. There is a movement among many journals to only list the initial(s) of the first name(s) of authors. This can make looking up a cited work, or especially other works by the same author or information about the author, more difficult, and as such is a bad practice for referencing. Please list full first name(s), as in Note 1 above and the examples below.

Note 2: Because we want to facilitate actually using these references, when possible please give a link to where one can find the source on-line, as in the examples below. If a link can be found that does not have a paywall (will be more common for things like publications by nonprofit organizations, academic working papers, and so on), please provide that. Otherwise, include a link to where one can purchase the source (as will be common for books and many journal articles). The University of Leicester site given above should answer any questions concerning almost anything that will be submitted. The following five examples for the three types of submissions asked for should serve as templates for the vast majority of submitted material.

Examples for the three types of submissions.

I. A Book (authored or edited)

Pears, Richard and Graham Shields (2013) Cite them right: the essential referencing guide. 9th edn. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Berne, Robert and Matthew Levy (eds.) (2000) Principles of physiology. 3rd edn. London: Mosby.

II. An Academic Article

Uriarte, Miren (2002) ‘Cuba, Social Policy at a Crossroads: Maintaining Priorities, Transforming Practice’, Gastón Institute Publications, Paper 115.

Campbell, Al (2016) ‘ “Updating” Cuba’s Economic Model: Socialism, Human Development, Markets and Capitalism’, Socialism and Democracy, 30(1), 1-29.

III. A Book Chapter

Clements, Bruce (2010) ‘Realignment in the Centre: The Liberal Democrats’, in Allen, Nicholas and James Bartle (eds.) Britain at the Polls 2010. London: Sage, 63-88.

Please contact Al Campbell ( with any questions about how to submit references to your Political Economy works, 2015 – 2020, for listing by IIPPE.

Coordinating this project for IIPPE, Al Campbell