Call for Submissions

                                                                                                                    June 8, 2020

Concerning: A New IIPPE Project

All IIPPE Members,

            Three important functions of our yearly Annual Conference are to: 1) promote the development of Political Economy by presenting our work to other Political Economists for discussion; 2) increase our awareness of what other work is going on in Political Economy, including, but not limited to, work closely related to our own work; and 3) through these, build a sense of community among ourselves.

            While far from being able to replace the value of in-person Conference interaction, each of these goals could be served by IIPPE making available to its members a listing of all the ongoing work being done in Political Economy by its members. Putting it negatively if pointedly, many members of IIPPE are unaware of work in Political Economy being done by other members of IIPPE, even when closely related to their own work.

            Such awareness could contribute to the quality of our work, possibly initiate collaborations (as have often arisen out of the Annual Conferences, not least with formation of new Working Groups) and, at a minimum, expose our work more widely to be known and referenced by other IIPPE members, and through this more broadly among all Political Economists.

            The details of how this will appear will be both worked out and continually modified as the project develops, but the general idea is as follows.

            To begin with, we will collect and post citations for three categories of members’ work: Books, Academic Articles, and Book Chapters, for any work published from 2015 to the present.

            For uniformity, we ask all references to be submitted in the common Author-Date (or “Harvard”) format. Complete specifics on, and simple examples of, this format are given on the IIPPE web site, under Member Publications – Submission Instructions.

            We will begin collecting material now. Initial postings are planned for early November, after which the site will be permanently expanded as new material is submitted.

            Please contact Al Campbell ( with any questions concerning this IIPPE project or how to submit material to it.

            Coordinating this project for IIPPE, Al Campbell