Call for Nominations (IIPPE Elections)

At the HM IIPPE meeting last year, it was decided that we should go ahead with e-voting to elect the Executive Committee (EC) and Council Members (see IIPPE Constitution for more details).

All EC and Council positions are open. Please consider standing for either an EC position (Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer and General Secretary) or a Council position.

The due date for nominations is 26 July 2014.

Please send your nomination to the IIPPE Officers Elections Committee (, specifying:

  1. the position for which you wish to run (Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer, General Secretary or Ordinary Council member).
  2. an Election statement (of no more than 1 page) describing why you wish to run, what has been your relationship with IIPPE, to what IIPPE activities you have contributed so far and wish to contribute in the future, etc.
  3. your CV.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Only full membership allows voting rights in Members’ decisions and this requires payment of the membership fee. Should you want to become a full member please pay the membership fee (for year 2014) at the IIPPE web site by the due date for nominations (26 July 2014). Note that those who have registered for the Naples conference have full membership as the registration fee includes the membership fee. We will send out another email to full members confirming the membership status. If you have paid the membership fee, but this email does not arrive in the next 24 hours, please send an email to the Elections Committee (

The elections will be organised electronically (see Article 8.2 of IIPPE Constitution) using Helios Voting, the reliable online voting system that was successfully tested last year. The advantage of this ‘end-to-end auditable voting system‘ is that your vote is private, verifiable and impossible to manipulate. The final tally is released to all eligible voters at the same time.

Detailed instructions regarding the ballot will be circulated by 24 July 2014.

The ballot will open on 31 July 2014 and will close on 8 September 2014. Results will be announced by 10 September 2014.

If you have any questions about the elections please write to the Elections Committee (

IIPPE Officers Elections Committee:

Alexander Abreu
Al Campbell
Heesang Jeon
Abelardo Marina
Lucia Pradella