IIPPE Elections 2017 – Results

The following candidates have been elected to the following bodies:

Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Ben Fine
  • Vice Chair: Al Campbell
  • Treasurer: Kate Bayliss
  • General Secretary: Dimitris Milonakis


  • Ourania Dimakou
  • Sergio Cámara Izquierdo
  • Lucia Pradella
  • Heesang Jeon
  • Rubens Sawaya
  • Niels Hahn
  • Alfredo Saad Filho

Please find the detailed voting tally here. If you’re a full member, you may also access it by following the link and instructions contained in the email that was recently sent through the Helios online voting system.

If you have any questions, complaints or queries in relation to this electoral process, please send them to elections2017@iippe.org.

The IIPPE Elections Committee

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