2011 IIPPE Annual Conference: Papers

Author(s) Title Link
Abdallah Zouache Why economic liberalism is not sufficient to change the Arab world and why politics is crucial. Lessons from Algeria and Syria Download
Abelardo Mariña Flores and Sergio Cámara Izquierdo Economic Policies in the Current Crisis: Analysis, Characterization and Perspectives Download
Alexandre César Cunha Leite and Marcelo Pereira Fernandes Exchange Rate Policy: The Brazillian Experience in the GovernmnentLuLA (2003-2010) Download
Ali Dini Economics as a Social Science: Critical Realism Download
Andrew Hannon The Banking Model of Education Download
Ayca Sarialioglu-Hayali Neo-Liberalism and Its Crises or the Crises of Economic Science shaped by Neo- Liberalism: An Urgent Need for “Fine Tune” of Financial Derivative Instruments Download
Agnès Labrousse New Development Economics and Randomized Controlled Experiments: Putting an instrument of proof and of government into perspective Download
Alan Cibils and Cecilia Allami Financialization vs. development finance: the case of the post-crisis Argentine banking system Download
André Guimarães Augusto Some Bounds of Bounded Rationality: Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Choice Download
Andrea Micocci Materialism, or, Method as Revolutionary Tool Download
Andrés Fuerte Posada What do Sociologists Have to Say about Market? Download
Arup Maharatna The Rise and Advance of Neo-liberalism in Development Thinking Download
Asli Peker From Interdisciplinarity to Consilience: Political Science Under the Influence Download
Başak Ergüder State and Businessmen in Turkey after 2008 Global Crisis: The Strategy of Capital Class Download
Bruce Philp, Gary Slater and Daniel Wheatley Income Distribution and Work time: A Quantitative Marxian Analysis of Capitalism in the UK, 1992-2009 Download
Bruno Tinel Modern state formation and class structure, a few remarks from Norbert Elias and Pierre Clastres Download
Bruno Tinel Struggling for Political Economy: an Institutional Issue Download
Bulent Hoca and Umut Gunduz A Critique of Stiglitz’s Approach in the Context of the Current World Crisis and the Possibility of a Dialectic Conception of Development Download
Cédric Durand Interdependent Scales of Capital Accumulation: a research agenda on the possibilities and limits of a conceptual articulation of global commodity chains, accumulation at the world scale and the variety of national accumulation regimes Download
Christoph Hermann Commodification, consequences and alternatives: Lessons from the privatization of public services in Europe Download
Daniel MacDonald The Legal Invention of the Incomplete Contract: Law and Capitalism in Early U.S. History Download
David Etherington City Regions welfare to work and the politics of inequality: a case study of Sheffield (UK) City Region Download
David Wells Ideology in mainstream orthodox economics Download
Davide Gualerzi Crisis and long-term stagnation: Questions for Keynesian theory Download
Deniz Kozanoglu Banking and Financial Supervision in Europe: The Essential Need of an Adequate Harmonization Download
Dimitri Uzunidis and Blandine Laperche How to explain the current global crisis?: The contributions of Joan Robinson’s concept of “New Mercantilism” Download
Don Lindsay The
Africa Download
Eddy S. Fang International Political Economy, Post-structural Politics and Islamic Finance Download
Eui-dong Kim Alternative-Globalization Movement of South Korean Civil Society Organizations: Implications, Limitations and Future Directions Download
Eyüp Özveren, Utku Havuç and Emrah Karaoğuz Stages versus Varieties of Capitalism: A Comparison and Contrast Download
Helen Caraveli Economic Restructuring, Crises and the Regions: The Political Economy of Regional Inequalities in Greece Download
Emek Yildirim Aspects and Impacts of the transnational Capitalist Class (TCC) in Post-Soviet Russia Download
Ester Ruben The Crises of the Human Being in the Present Economic System Download
Fachru Nofrian Indonesian Political Economy and Its Implication to the PRocess of Industrialization in Indonesia Download
Feride Berna Uymaz Yilmaz An Economic Impact of War in Postponing Crises Download
Frederic B. Jennings Atoms, Bits and Wits: The Elements of Economics Download
Frederic B. Jennings Does Competition Advance or Retard Economic Development? – An Institutional View Download
Frederic B. Jennings ‘The Hicksian Getaway’ and ‘The Hirshleifer Rescue’: Increasing Returns from Clapham to Kaldor Download
Gökten Doğangün The Re-structuration of the State: The Case of Independent Regulatory Agency in Turkish Banking Sector Download
Gustavo Prepelitchi Microfinance and Development: A development strategy at the service of the global neoliberal agenda?: A case study of three Microfinance Institutions in Kenya, Peru and Bangladesh Download
Harry Kypraios Title to be added Download
Henrique Pereira Braga Recovering History as a Resource from Explanation of the Economic Problems Download
Ian J. Seda-Irizarry The Handyman economist: how economists save the world (and capitalism) Download
Isaac Minian Fragmentation and International Trade, Theoretical and Empirical Analysis: Fragmentation and the New International division of Labour Download
Eli Jelly-Schapiro Working Lives In Debt Download
Hayri Kozanoglu Financialization and Turkish Economy Download
Irene Sotiropoulou Economic Activity Without Official Currency in Greece: The * Hypothesis Download
Jeff Tan Private Participation in Infrastructure: The Failure of Water Privatisation in Malaysia Download
Jérôme Maucourant New Institutional Economics and History: A case of economic imperialism Download
Jinn-Yuh Hsu State Transformation and the Mutation of Urban Renewal Policies in Taiwan Download
Ji-Yong Lee Financialization, Economic Crisis and Transformation of the Asian Economies Download
Joachim Becker and Johannes Jäger From an Economic Crisis to a Crisis of European Integration Download
Labrinidis George and Passas Costas EU and the structure of the Greek Economy Download
Leonidas Vatikiotis and Petros C. Kosmas Nominal and Real Aims of Austerity Programs: the Greek (extreme) Case Download
Matilde Adduci Neoliberalism and class reproduction in the Indian state of Orissa: an analysis of the impact of the ‘new mineral policy’ on labour. Download
Mehmet Gürsan Şenalp Economics’ Unholy Marriage to Engineering Download
Michael Denning The Fetishism of Debt Download
Nigel F.B. Allington, John S.L. McCombie and Maureen Pike Lessons Not Learnt: From the Collapse of Long-Term Capital Management to the Subprime Crisis Download
John Weeks Why is there finance? Insights from Marx’s monetary theory Download
José Paulo Guedes Pinto Post­large­scale industry: general intellect as the center of capitalist accumulation Download
Jules Salomone Randomized Controlled Trials and the War on Poverty Download
Julian Wells Of fat cats and fat tails: From the financial crisis to the ‘new’ probabilistic marxism Download
Karnjana Sanglimsuwan Assessing the Health Impacts of Mining in Orissa State, India: Environmental Health and Occupational Health Perspective Download
Konstantinos Dimopoulos and John Sayas The role of the retail sector in the political economy of urban space. Re-configurations in the Athens Metropolitan area. Download
Laurent Ilboudo Development: Can Institutionalism Help Africa? Download
Lucy Badalian and Victor Krivorotov The 2008 Crisis as a Watershed-Event: between derivatives and sovereign debt: A new reading of the Ricardian Law of Diminishing Returns. Download
Marica Frangakis The crisis, the ECB and what the future holds Download
Maria N Ivanova Marx, Minsky, and the Great Recession Download
Márcia Pereira Cunha Economic type approach to poverty in Brazil: hypotheses about its origins and consequences Download
Marsellou Emilia Workers and Enterprises Debt in a Basic Post-Keynesian-Classical Model of Growth and Income DIstribution Download
Nick Potts Marx and the Crisis Download
Niemeyer Almeida Filho and Tiago Camarinha Lopes The Idea of Economic Planning in the Theory of Keynes Download
Özgür Öztürk The Question of Financialization Download
Paula Margarita Andrea Cares Bustamante The theoretical contributions of Malthus for the History of Economic Thought Download
Paulo Nakatani and Rémy Herrera Quelques Notes Sur Keynes (et Marx) À Propos De La Monnaie Et De La Crise Download
Philip Kozel Heterodox perspectives in International Finance Download
Philip Kozel The economics of intellectual property: an social welfare survey Download
Rodrigo Emmanuel Santana Borges Crisis, Ideological Domination and Mass Media Download
Ruth Margareth Hofmann The Psychogenesis of Economic Value Download
Ruth Margareth Hofmann The Firm as Organization and the Limits of Rationality in Katz and Kahn’s Approach Download
Sam Moyo and Paris Yeros Rethinking the Theory of Primitive Accumulation: Imperialism and the New Scramble for Land and Natural Resources Download
Sávio Cavalcante Privatisation of telecommunications in Brazil: Change and Continuity Download
Sarah C. Schreiner Perspectives for a resilient city? Characteristics and effects of “creative” service-manufacturing-links for urban development – the case of Hamburg Download
Selin Pelek The Employment Effect of the Minimum Wage on Youth Labour Market in Turkey: A Regional Panel Data Analysis Download
Sergios Tzotzes The “Body Politick” project: A Political Economy Reading of Bernard Mandeville Download
Sigma Colón Environment in Debt Download
Simon Bittmann Time and conflict in economic models: critical epistemology on recent developments. Download
Thanasis Maniatis, Yannis Bassiakos, George Labrinidis, Costas Passas Issues in Measuring Absolute Poverty: The Case of Greece Download
Tiago Camarinha Lopes The Historical Phases of the Debate on the Transformation of Values into Production Prices Download
Trevor Evans, Marica Frangakis, John Grahl and Frieder Otto Wolf Confronting the Crisis: Austerity or Solidarity Download
Verónica Villarespe Reyes Impoverishment and Programmes Against Poverty, the Case of Mexico Download
Yadollah Dadgar Crisis in political economy and crisis in actual economies in 2007-2011(feasibility of relationship) Download
Yiannis Tolios Capitalist crisis, odious dept and default of payments: The Greece’s dilemma Download