[CFP] Conference 2020 – World Economy, Africa, Social Reproduction Working Groups

2020 IIPPE Annual Conference – Ferrara, Italy, September 9-11, 2020
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: March 15, 2020
Joint Call for Papers: World Economy (with post-Soviet stream), Africa, and Social Reproduction Working Groups

Transnationalizing the Global South: dispossession, exploitation, revolt

In recent years we witnessed a revival of interest in processes of neo-colonial enclosures, racialized dispossession, and indigenous resistance. But how are these processes linked to the global dynamic of capital accumulation, and the multiple forms of exploitation and resistance it engenders? 

In the 1950s Aimé Cesaire denounced the boomerang effect of imperialism. All the injustices perpetrated and the racial hatred encouraged, he predicted, were instilling a poison into the veins of Europe. For Malcolm X, one cannot separate what’s going on in the United States and Africa: “The same interests are at stake. The same sides are drawn up — no difference whatsoever.” The Global South is a place, and is everywhere. This is why the new global wave of revolt is resounding around the world, from Baghdad and Beirut to Paris and Santiago. 

This joint stream invites research and activist work that systematically connect the different spatialities and dimensions of class struggle and responses to oppression worldwide. We encourage contributions on the geo-economic and class position of the Global South – and its global labour – within the international system of capital accumulation. We welcome research and activist work that cut across national and disciplinary boundaries, encouraging a dialectical understanding of apparently separated oppressions and struggles, and aim to build solidaristic movements and analyses. 


  • The new wave of global revolt
  • Global dynamics of social reproduction, commodification and exploitation 
  • Imperialism and the global reserve army of labour
  • De-development in the core and semi-periphery: the post-Soviet space 
  • Social movements, political struggles and anti-neoliberal projects
  • The colour line in national and international perspectives 
  • Geographies and counter-geographies of social reproduction
  • Financialization, land grabs and the global reserve army of labour
  • Economic and political polarization 
  • Geopolitical conflicts, war and militarism  
  • Extractivism and migration
  • Ecological and anti-systemic struggles
  • Global reserve army of labour and social reproduction
  • Financialization, imperialism and neo-colonialism
  • The global rise of the far right
  • Global apartheid, migration, and national labour markets
  • Extractivism and climate change
  • “Wages of whiteness”
  • Rural-urban divide and urbanisation 
  • Reorganization of agriculture
  • Dependency and social reproduction
  • Black radical thought and International Political Economy
  • Articulations of gender, race and class oppression and exploitation 

About your submission:

If you are interested in being part of a panel in this stream, or have any questions, please email Hannah Cross (H.Cross@westminster.ac.uk), Lucia Pradella (lucia.pradella@kcl.ac.uk), Sara Stevano (ss129@soas.ac.uk), and Yuliya Yurchenko (Y.Yurchenko@greenwich.ac.uk

Please tick the World Economy, Africa and Social Reproduction Working Groups when you make your submission.

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