[CFP] Conference 2020 – HETMECoM Working Group


“History of Economic Thought, Economic Methodology and Critique of the Mainstream” (HETMECoM) Working Group

Dimitris Milonakis, University of Crete
Denielle Guizzo Archela, University of the West of England, Bristol

Call for Papers and Panels 

Following the crisis of Keynesianism in the 1970s, neoliberal economic theorising, which until them took mostly the form of non-mainstream neo-Austrian economics, has made its way into mainstream economics in the form of Chicago school monetarism and New Classical Economics. Orthodox economic theory, be it in its neoliberal form or otherwise, has been critically exposed following the 2008 world economic and financial crisis. A decade later, in terms of mainstream research and teaching, how much has changed? The general mainstream response to the crisis has been that there is nothing wrong with its approach in general (through formal model building) only that better models with fuller and more relevant considerations need to be brought to bear, including greater attention to interdisciplinarity (aka economics imperialism), the role of finance, and less rigid behaviouralism (utility maximisation plus). In light of such developments, a major task is to assess critically the new mainstream heterodoxies, and how much they genuinely differ from neoclassical economics as well as how much they engage with, rather than contain or even dismiss, more radical alternatives across methodology, interdisciplinarity, theory and conceptualisation. Another task is how to promote a more deep-rooted political economy in teaching and research in the wake of the crisis and the mainstream responses to it. 

Proposed themes for Papers or Panels: 

Topics related to the theme of the conference

  • Liberalim vs Neoliberalism in the history of economic thought: critical perspectives
  • Philosophy and methodology of neoliberal economic thought
  • Mainstream vs non-mainstream neoliberal economic thought (Hayek vs Friedman)
  • Rational Expectations vs uncertainty in neoliberal economic thought
  • Neoliberal economic approaches to the crisis (2008 vs 1929): a critique
  • Populism in economic thought

General Topics

  • History of economic thought: rational vs historical reconstructions
  • The social sciences and the future of economic science: economics imperialism vs true interdisciplinarity
  • Economic theory and Ontology
  • Economic theory and Epistemology
  • Economic methodology: new trends and perspectives
  • Political economy vs mainstream economics
  • Mainstream formalism: forms, causes, consequences
  • Recent developments in mainstream microeconomics 
  • Recent developments in mainstream macroeconomics
  • Mainstream pluralism vs methodological pluralism

Papers or Panels related to any of the other themes of the Working Group (history of economic thought, economic methodology and philosophy of economics) are also welcomed.

The submission deadline for abstracts is 15 March 2020. Abstracts must be submitted via the Electronic Proposal Form, which you can access through (http://iippe.org/wp/)

In case you cannot access the submissions forms, or have any questions concerning your submission, please contact the HETMECoM Working Group Coordinator: Dimitris Milonakis (d.milonakis@uoc.gr).

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