[CFP] Conference 2019 – Urban and Regional Political Economy Working Group

CFP  Stream on Urban and Regional Political Economy, IIPPE Conference, Lille (France), July 2019

This year’s IIPPE Annual Political Economy Conference will be a joint conference with the French Association for Political Economy/ L’Association Française d’Économie Politique (AFEP), with the participation of the Association for the Development of Keynesian Studies (ADEK), the Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE) and the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE).  The Urban and Regional Working Group of IIPPE calls for submission of abstracts for a stream on Urban and Regional Political Economy at the IIPPE Conference, Lille (France), July 2019, following the successful streams at IIPPE conferences since 2010. We seek papers on any aspect of the political economy of localities and regions (sub-national territories), both rural and urban, and both Majority and Minority Worlds. Papers may be either purely theoretical or theorised empirically-based studies.  We seek papers both on processes/ relations within localities and regions and on processes/ relations linking these scales to national and international scales. Possible fields include:

  • the organisation of the waged economy, labour power and capital-labour relations in production within and between localities;
  • social reproduction within localities, including domestic work, commodity consumption, and local private and public services;
  • the interactions between production and social reproduction within localities, and the production of class, gender and racial/ethnic relations and of working class cultures between these two spheres;
  • construction of, and investment in, the built environment, and markets in the accumulated stock of buildings, including both commercial premises, housing and physical infrastructures;
  • the production of the formal and informal city, and the relationship between the two;
  • financialisation of urban space and nature, and impacts of money capital (finance) on the above processes, and vice versa;
  • struggles of the working class, social and territorial movements around any of the above issues.

Papers should be within Marxist or critical political-economy, and approach the issues from the point of view of working class, poor peasants and oppressed people. We invite papers that address either/ or the Global South and the Global North.

For instructions and submission, please visit: http://iippe.org/10th-annual-conference-in-political-economy/notes-on-the-electronic-proposal-form/

Urban and Regional Working Group coordinators:

Ozlem Celik  ozlemcelik.mail@gmail.com
Jamie Gough   adamgough@clara.co.uk
Angus McNelly a.mcnelly@qmul.ac.uk

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