[CFP] Conference 2018 – Social Reproduction and Teaching Political Economy Working Groups

2018 IIPPE Annual Conference
The State of Capitalism and the State of Political Economy

September 12-14, 2018, University of Pula, Croatia

Teaching Gender

The Social Reproduction and Teaching Political Economy Working Groups invite proposals for individual papers or panels in a joint stream. Teaching on gender and social reproduction is central to heterodox and pluralist approaches to economics and political economy. However, the integration of perspectives on gender and social reproduction across various political economy modules is scattered and diverse. It might reflect the bounded legitimacy granted to the fields feminist economics and feminist/Marxist political economy by their broader disciplines of reference: they are recognised as self-contained sub-branches but key insights are seldom integrated in general and foundational modules in economics and political economy. In economics, gender might appear as an add-on, deprived of its conceptualisation as one type of power relations.

The study of gender relations may acquire greater depth in specific modules on feminist and gender economics. However, these modules might reinforce silos and attract students who are more sensitive to gender inequality as they are more likely to experience discrimination. These modules are often taught by women and may be perceived as secondary to or less challenging than others, thus strengthening gendered power imbalances in the workplace and society. What are the best ways to teach gender? Can political economy/economics learn from other disciplines in the social sciences? How do we encourage more students to take interest in gender inequality? This panel welcomes perspectives on these debates, within the fields of economics, political economy and beyond. In particular, we welcome perspectives on the following themes:

  • Feminist approaches to pedagogy
  • Theoretical and applied approaches to the study of gender and social reproduction
  • Gendered experiences of teaching gender
  • Visions for teaching gender
  • Gender and development of pluralist curricula (in economics/political economy)
  • Gender inequality in academia
  • Role of activism and social movements in raising awareness on gender inequality

Papers and panel proposals can be submitted on iippe.org by 15 March 2018, ticking the Social Reproduction and/or Teaching Political Economy Working Groups as part of your submission.

Hannah Bargawi
Kevin Deane
Sara Stevano
Elisa Van Waeyenberge

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