[CFP] Conference 2018 – Financialisation Working Group

IIPPE 9th Annual Conference

September 12-14, University of Pula, Croatia

Financialisation Working Group Call for Papers

Scholarly debates around the increasing prominence of finance in the last thirty years have located around the term financialisation, as researchers grapple with understanding the changing nature of the financial sector, as well as its implications for the economy at micro and macro levels. Despite increasing interest in financialisation across disciplines, much ambiguity remains with its conceptualisation and in teasing out its empirical manifestation. Ten years after the crisis, the financial system continues to grow extensively with more innovative ways of penetration into everyday life. Clearly, the lessons of the financial crisis have been quickly disregarded, while the structural causes of a deficient financial sector remain unaddressed. As a consequence, financial bubbles linger, productivity and real wage growth lag behind financial asset growth and emerging economies remain heavily indebted.

In light of the above, this call invites papers and panel submissions that seek to analyse changes in the financial system and in its relation to the overall economy in the past decades, how this period differs from the past, and how recent developments inform our understanding of finance. Submissions may explore the following non-exhaustive themes:

  • Theoretical and methodological conceptualisation of finance and money in the post-crisis period
  • Financialisation and productivity growth
  • Intersection of financialisation, labour markets and Global Value Chains
  • Financial markets and systems of provision
  • Financialisation in regional and country-specific contexts, especially in emerging and developing economies
  • New forms of finance and implications for theory and policy
  • Monetary and fiscal policies after the crisis

Paper and panel proposals should be submitted at iippe.org by 15th of March 2018, ticking Financialisation Working Group. Please indicate under the abstract tab that you are submitting to this Call for Papers.

Organised by: Financialisation Working Group (Ezgi Unsal, Bruno Bonizzi, Bruno Hofig, Richard Ataman, Christina Laskaridis, Maria Dafnomili)

For queries and suggestions, please contact the coordinators Bruno Bonizzi and Ezgi Unsal.

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