Call for Documentary/Activist Films, Video Art Projects and Activist Talks

11th Annual IIPPE Conference – Ferrara, Italy, 9–11 September 2020
c.MET05 (National University Centre on Applied Economic Studies)

The International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE) is inviting submissions of film and video art projects, and activist talks.

IIPPE is one of the largest international networks of heterodox political economists with a critical approach to neoliberal capitalism. Part of IIPPE’s objectives is to establish links between academics, artists, filmmakers and activists who are working for a more just and equal world.

In parallel with the academic conference, IIPPE will feature a film screening and discussion programme that addresses major issues affecting our world such as poverty, climate change and environmental crises, migration and displacement, gender equality, international development, privatisation, banking and financial fraud, the global economic crisis, the rise of the extreme right, armed conflicts, neocolonialism, etc. 

Documentary filmmakers and video artists are invited to submit work of around 20 – 90 minutes duration, to be screened followed by a discussion. Activist presentations or workshops may be of a similar duration. Films which do not have English as their main language must have English subtitles. Work will be screened as a digital video file, and the creator of the work or a representative with significant involvement in research or production must be present for the discussion session.

The IIPPE conference provides a unique opportunity for networking, which includes a conference dinner. 

IIPPE is independent of any academic institution and entirely funded by presenter’s fees. Conference fees will be waived for film makers and activist presenters (apart from an €30 IIPPE membership fee which needs to be paid). Please note that cost for travel and accommodation can unfortunately not be subsidised by IIPPE. 

To submit your work for consideration, please fill in the electronic proposal form:

Under the section “Tick the Group pertinent to your Proposal” select “Committee on Activism” (second to last on the list). If you have any questions, please contact Matthias Kispert ( or Ingar Røys (

The submission deadline is 15th March 2020. Submissions must be done via the above website. 

For further information on IIPPE, please visit our website

We hope to see you in Ferrara.

IIPPE Committee on Activism

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