2021/22 IIPPE Annual Conference China Panels Presentations

2022 IIPPE Annual Conference

China I. Theorising Chinese development

  1. The (New) Projectment Economy as a Higher Stage of Development of the Chinese Market Socialist Economy. Elias Jabbour
  2. Planning for Uncertainty: Lessons from China. Alberto Bartoccini
  3. China and the Clash of Capitalisms. Tak-Wing Ngo
  4. The Road to Common Prosperity and the Political Economy of China’s Development. Xinwen Zhang

China II. Internal dynamics and international connections

  1. The Influencing Factors of Offshore RMB Overseas Demand: Theoretical Framework and Empirical Analysis. Yongqi Feng and Tianshu Zhang
  2. A Political Economy Perspective of the Five-Years Plan and the Inward FDI Regulation Policy. Tomás Costa de Azevedo Marques
  3. China Economic Reforms – Purposes and Limitations. Sam-Kee Cheng

China III. Theorising alternatives to US world dominance

  1. China and the Non-Capitalist Way of Development as an Alternative to the Pax Americana. Gabriel Quintanilha
  2. Restating the People’s Sovereignty: China, Anti-Imperialism, and the Political Economy of Historical Justice. Dic Lo
  3. China’s Assimilation of Marxism and Its Critique of Neoliberalism.
    Hong Wang
  4. Towards a Theory of Chinese Embedded Globalization.
    Javier Vadell and Samuel Spellmann

China IV. Futures of the Belt and Road Initiative

  1. China’s Foreign Policy Assets Along the BRI: Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy. Gianluca Sampaolo & Martina Tullio
  2. The Belt and Road in the Middle East: Beyond the Territorial and Capitalist Logics of Power. Salam Alshareef
  3. Will the “New Silk Road” be Gray or Green? Josef Baum.

China V. Crisis management and governance

  1. Has COVID-19 Reshaped Chinese Transnational Research Networks in Health Sciences? Lauretta Rubini.
  2. China’s Global Engagement at Times of Decoupling and zero-Covid Strategy: An Assessment. Claudio Petti
  3. Poverty Alleviation and Welfare in China: a View from the New Projectment Economy. Ana Caroline Sampaio
  4. On the People’s Congresses System and Whole-Process People’s Democracy in China. Enfu Cheng
  5. Political Risk and the Semiconductor Industry: National Risk Management and Corporate Resilience in Taiwan. Mayumi Tabata

China VI: Realities of the Belt and Road Initiative

  1. Belt and Road Initiative and Italian Ports: Economic, Social and Geopolitical Aspects. Dominique Lepore
  2. The Belt and Road Initiative and the Jewel of Asia Central: China-Uzbekistan Relations in the Commercial and Infrastructure Fields via BRI.
    Beatriz Silva Flores dos Santos
  3. The Geoeconomics and Geopolitics of China – Mercosur Relations in the 21st Century. Rafael Silveira
  4. China, Indebtedness and Overdue Portfolios in the Post-Pandemic. Alicia Girón

China VII. State capacity and rural-urban migration

  1. Industrial Policy and Sectoral Priorities in China. Analysing the Strategic Presence of Government in Key Industries. Mattia Tassinari
  2. Chinese Innovation Ecosystem: Economic and Competitiveness Planning / Projectment. Cintia Godoi, Sandro Bazzanella and Vitor Boa Nova
  3. Heterogenous Effects of Rural-Urban Migration and Migrant Earnings on Land Efficiency: Empirical Evidence from China. Sudan Zhao

2021 IIPPE Annual Conference

China IV. China’s “Going Out”: Theory and Practice