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[CFP] Conference 2022 – Agrarian Change Working Group

IIPPE 22nd Annual Conference, 7-9 September 2022, Bologna, Italy Call for papers and panel proposals: Agrarian Change Working Group A sense of urgency animates the study of agrarian social formations in this conjuncture of (post?)-pandemic restructuring, the global climate emergency, continued extractivism, and the very real threat of trade-based food security crisis. A multi-layered crisis of production, reproduction, environment, politics and ideology is unfolding as neoliberal capitalism continues to fail to deliver on its promises. For some years already, international organizations, politicians and state officials of ...

[CFP] Conference 2022 – Political Economy and Law Working Group

Law plays an integral role in the configuration of variegated and actually existing manifestations of capitalist processes across the globe, such as those associated with socio-ecological crises, rising precarities and inequalities, the governance of debt, austerity, financialization, technology and others. With this inaugural call for papers for the new IIPPE Working Group on Political Economy and Law, we invite submissions to this year’s IIPPE conference that focus on the intertwinement of political economy and law, to consider the following overarching question, particularly as it pertains to socio-ecological crisis and transformation: What is the law and how does it shape - and being shaped by - capitalist processes and relations?

[CFP] Conference 2022 – Urban and Regional PE Working Group

We seek papers on any aspect of the political economy of localities and regions (sub-national territories), both rural and urban, and both Majority and Minority Worlds. Papers may be either purely theoretical or theorised empirical studies. We seek papers both on processes/relations within localities and regions and on processes/relations linking these scales to national and international scales.

[CFP] Conference 2022 – Africa Working Group

The Africa working group regularly contributes to the IIPPE annual conference to bring together activists and scholars of Africa, and those in other IIPPE working groups, who share an interest in radical approaches to political economy, acknowledging the social relations in capitalism and often with a critical Marxist perspective.

[CFP] Conference 2022 – Moving Beyond Capitalism Working Group

All members of IIPPE will have seen the general Call for the Conference that went out last week. This is a reinforcing Call for submissions to the Moving Beyond Capitalism WG of either individual papers or pre-formed panels on any topic concerned with moving beyond capitalism, that is, with building a better world.

[CFP] Conference 2022 – Social Reproduction Working Group

The Social Reproduction Working Group invites proposals for individual papers or panels in a joint stream on the theme of Social Reproduction and the Socio-Ecological Crisis.

[CFP] Conference 2022 – Social Capital Working Group

What else can society do to deal with these challenges? Cooperation and solidarity among social groups across the globe may be crucial in discussing these issues and suggesting solutions. Thus, we invite contributions that examine alternative ways to analyse social forces dynamics that these crises of the 21st centuries have mobilized.