Members Meeting Minutes (London, 2012)

1. In accordance with IIPPE constitution, it has been decided that

  1. the membership fee is statutory and
  2. it is fixed at 30 euros (or 25 British Pounds) for senior members and 15 Euros (12 British Pounds) for students and unwaged.
  3. It has also been decided that anyone who wishes can remain or be added to our mailing list without becoming a full member.

2. An “IIPPE Elections Preparatory Committee”

has been set up with its main function being to investigate and recommend the best way to conduct the elections for the IIPPE bodies which will take place in 2013 (in particular to explore the technical feasibility of e-voting) and do all the necessary preparations (technical or otherwise).The following were voted as Members of the Committee: Alex Abreu (, Al Campbell (, Heesang Yeon ( (with Abelurdo Marina [] as substitute)

3. Hague 2013 Conference, 9-12 July

The Call for Papers is out.Local Organising Committee:  Susan Newman (, Peter van Bergeijk (

Conference Programme Committee: Al Campbell ( Maria Dafnomili (

4. Working Groups

It was decided that a letter should be sent to all IIPPE WGs coordinators in an attempt to promote the activities of Working Groups and reactivate those which have recently been inactive, both generally and in relation to the upcoming IIPPE Hague conference: Susan Newman (

5. 2013 IIPPE Summer Workshop in Political Economy

Following last summer’s success it was decided that another Summer Workshop will be held in 2013. The time and place will be announced once known: Simon Mohun (, Elisa van Waeyenberge (

6. IIPPE finances

Kate Bayliss ( has been voted to act as temporary Treasurer until a Treasurer is properly elected in the upcoming IIPPE elections.

7. 2014 IIPPE conference

Although the 2014 conference was decided to be held in Lisbon with Alex Abreu ( in the lead, there have been some unforeseen complications which make this possibility uncertain at this point. We will know for sure next January. Failing this, another possibility suggested by Alex is Coimbra in Portugal again. Because of the uncertainty at this stage we would welcome any other possible suggestions. If you have any such suggestions please contact the IIPPE Coordinator Dimitris Milonakis (

8. IIPPE official status

Paul Hudson to investigate the best option for IIPPE to adopt (e.g. Educational Trust, Charity etc.). If you have any suggestions please contact  Ben Fine ( in first instance if not having done so already.

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