Conference Registration

Welcome to the registration page for the IIPPE Annual Conference in Leeds, 9-11 September 2015.

Please follow these instructions carefully:

The presenter of each paper must register for the conference. In the rare cases where two people will present a paper, both must register.

The deadline for registration is the 1st of July. Anyone not registering by the deadline will be removed from the program.

The registration must be done in two steps. First, by paying the conference and membership fee. Second, by filling in the Conference Registration Form.

Step One: Payment of fees

The conference and membership fees must be paid together before registration.

Conference and membership fees  

  1. Students, pensioners, and unwaged: Membership fee €15. Conference fee € 90. Total €105.
  2. All other participants: Membership fee € 30. Conference fee € 180. Total € 210.

Payment methods 

Payment details: Paypal



Bank Transfer

  1. Account Name: International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy
  2. IBAN: GB34 CPBK 0892 9965 7446 44
  3. Bank Identification Code (BIC): CPBK GB22

In case you have any problems with the payment, please contact IIPPE Membership (

It is the responsibility of those who have submitted a proposal for a panel or stream of panels to ensure that all presenters in those panels will register according to these instructions.

Step Two: Conference Registration Form

After paying the fees, please fill in the Conference Registration Form.

Note that when submitting the form there will be a pop-up window indicating that the registration has been successful. If you do not see this form, please contact Niels Hahn at (

For any other questions regarding the conference, please contact Niels Hahn (