Council Meeting Minutes (September 2017)

  • Apologies: Ben Fine, Susan Newman, Lucia Pradella, Bruno Tinel
  • Lisbon 2016 Council Meeting Minutes were approved
  • Future Conferences (including next year’s conference in Pula, Croatia):
    • Explore the possibility of move deadlines earlier.
    • Training workshops as part of the registration process as previously
    • Reintroduce alongside the Conference Organising Committee, a Scientific Committee which should include all those who take part in the reviewing process (e.g. Working Group coordinators)
    • Abstract uploading before each conference
    • The possibility of a joint event with CPERN before next year’s conference was discussed
  • The problem of how to get to Pula for next year’s conference was discussed with Rieka, Trieste and Venice airports emerging as alternatives to that of Pula.
  • Financial Accounts were approved. Suggestion of holding 10.000 pounds in our account as a cushion. Explore the possibility of holding the money in euros.
  • Suggestion of giving grants to students. Explore the possibility of reducing the conference fee and of having more paid advertisements and more networking. Try to fund more training workshops.
  • More people should be involved in the Training Workshops including from Working Groups and more diversity of topics is desirable. Also suggestion for holding more ambitious (e.g. two-day) workshops. This year there will be a training workshop a day before the HM conference and another two in March and June.
  • Suggestion for holding a publication workshop once per year
  • Suggestion for a Working Group Coordinators’ Meeting once per year during the IIPPE conference. Need for new ideas. Alfredo Saad Filho to take the lead.
  • Newsletter: IIPPE members based at IIPPE members at the University of the West of England (Jo Mitchell, Lotta Takala, Susan Newman, Sarah, Stevano) have volunteered to take over the publication of the IIPPE Newsletter with Susan Newman in the lead
  • External Relations: National Political Economy organizations to organize panels at our conference. More tight relations with research organisations such as Rosa Luxemburg.
    • Explore the possibility of the latter funding a Training Workshop in next year’s conference in Pula. Expand our networking. Al Campbell to take the lead.
    • Edinburgh Festival: Promote IIPPE through presentations and physical material.
    • More use of social media to promote IIPPE. Need for a social media coordinator
  • Possible locations for the 2019 conference: Crete and Venice
  • Possible location for the 2020 conference: University of the West of England, Bristol

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