Council Meeting Minutes (July 2019)

Wednesday, 3 July, 18:45, room 1.24

  1. Apologies: Niels Hahn
  2. Proposal to discuss with AFEP the pros and cons of the Lille Conference
  3. 2020 Ferrara Conference: Proposal to encourage the interaction between IIPPE and local Italian Networks.
    1. Proposal to organise a one day joint Ph.D. workshop sometime before the 2020 conference.
    2. Suggestions for the title/topic of the conference: Populism, Migration, Economics Education, Rise of the Extreme Right.
      “Progressive Political Economy in the Age of Extremes”. “Political Economy vs Populism”
  4. Suggestions:
    1. to give 4 complete scholarships to the local organisation for colleagues who wish to come to the conference.
    2. Reduced conference fee for young scholars
    3. Reduced fee for colleagues coming from afar (Latin America, Asia, Africa) and countries that do not have paypal.
      Look at the policies of other sister Associations.
  5. Discussion about the possibility of creating a Eurobank account resulted in the conclusion that it is difficult.
  6. Proposal to hold one more Council Meeting between the conferences.
  7. Proposal to hold the conference Council Meeting one day before the conference.
  8. The Council was informed about Kate Bayliss’ resignation as Treasurer and the EC’s decision to co-opt Christina Lascaridis as new IIPPE Treasurer.

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