Conference 2017 – Papers and Presentations

Alice Nicole SindzingreConditionality as Policy Externalisation: the Inherent Impasses of Asymmetry

Ana Carolina Cordilha and Lena Lavinas, Brazil: ongoing reforms under a new wave of financialization

Andrea Ricci, Unequal exchange in global trade: theoretical and empirical issues

Andy HigginbottomMarx’s Capital, Surplus-Value and Labour Super-exploitation

Axel Gehring, Turkish Neoliberalism under Pressure from above? The Impacts of legal Nihilism

Beatriz Casas González, Unpaid Internships, Employability and the Construction of the Subject

Catherine Weiss, The inclusion of “sexual services” in social reproduction theory

Cahal McLaughlin and Siobhán WillsSent to Haiti to keep the peace, departing UN troops leave a damaged nation in their wake

Cecilia Escobar, The Monetary Issue in Bortkiewicz’s setting of the Transformation Problem: Marx vs Ricardo

Claude Serfati, The relevance of the concept of imperialism in contemporary capitalism

George Liodakis, Transnational Political Economy and the Development of Tourism: A Critical Approach

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